So how can we train DH to start buying the BIG ones , and we can settle the SMALL on

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  1. periogirl28 - well done, pls share your "recipe" :graucho:

    pyrexia - coming...... no free lunch in the world though hahaha :biggrin:
  2. Part II

    The conversation.......

    DH - So I can go cycling?

    Me - Yar, just go, I think I just need a new scarf from H *evil grin*:graucho:

    DH - When are you going cycling with me?

    Me - Er, told you I don't mind doing it leisurely, but not competitive like you, I don't need "war-scars" (all the injuries from falling etc). :rolleyes:

    DH - You are pretty flabby nowadays, need to tone up.

    Me - I know :pout:, but with you "enjoying" yourself, and I stuck at home. What exercise can you expect me to have except running after kids, snacking with them, and enjoying a good cartoon on the couch?

    DH - Tell you what, I fund half of your kelly bag and kelly wallet if you can lose 3kg

    Me - REALLY? :shocked:

    DH - deal :okay:

    Me - *emailed Jadeite and DD immediately* DEAL! :party:

    To be continued………...
  3. ^^ Offer him a counter-deal: If you lose 5kg, he funds EVERYTHING! :P

  4. hee hee..... there is a part III...... and u might be quite spot on...... hahahahaa :graucho:
  5. Girls we need to motivate robee here to lose those pounds so she can get her Kellys!
  6. go robee go!!!!

    if you need tips just pm me. 1 lost 6 lbs in 2 months last jan/feb. am now embarking on another weight loss "trip". we'll do it together!
  7. so is my understanding of the following correct?

    2 days DH cycling and leaving you alone with kids = 1 birkin (original offer but it can still stand, no?)

    losing 3 kg = 1/2 Kelly and Kelly wallet

    i think you need to establish a conversion chart and have it signed and notarized! :nuts:
  8. You never see this in any magazines but I'm thinking this is the BEST diet ever. Just imagine if this was published. I think a lot of ladies would stick to this more than any stupid fad grapefruit diet. Jeesh, and after 18 yrs my husband has been "trained" whoops I mean "advised" to
    never ever :death: say anything about my weight.

    :thinking: How can I undo all his training?

    Birkin diet, Kelly diet ... I'd do them all :P I mean if skinny Vic Becks can still have the strength to carry a Birkin I prob could too.

  9. robee you need to have him buy you an Hermès bike :idea:
  10. :yahoo:hmmmmm revenge springs to mind........ you can now go out exercising leaving him on he's own with kids and he can't moan because he bribed you into it........ Freedom for Robee and a fab gift at end......

  11. Ninalovesherbag, this is too hilarious. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Handybags, I tried to suggest to robee's DH to get an Hermes bike but alas not very successful. :biggrin:
  12. LOL!!!! TOTALLY!!!!!!

    Robee, Jadeite is right,we will all be here right behind you to make sure the H diet works!!!

  13. This just gets better and better!!!:biggrin:
  14. wow sounds like quite a good deal. eh let him cycle all he wants (amount of time to be specified) and lose 6 kilos and voila, bag and wallet free ...sponsored by him

    hypoxia your OH is so sweet :smile:

  15. Belive me,I have had those too...still its not so bad when DH shops for stuff like that,he likes to mull it over and typically in true 'man loving gadgets fashion' he chooses the best and feels inordinately proud of himself! Our washer kindly expired on us......I waited- left it to him and he came back with a Miele one on order form John Lewis.He even seemed to enjoy discussing the pro's and cons of a washer/drier over a washer with the sa....guess thats men for you?

    He's good at getting prezzies for me though,he always nails it and gets it just right without any hints!