So how can we train DH to start buying the BIG ones , and we can settle the SMALL on

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  1. DH use RM (reuters messenger) to contact me, and the conversation as follow:

    DH - I am going cycling tonight
    Me - Again? Ignore.....:whistle:
    DH - I am going pualu ubin (a small island off singapore) to cycle this sun too.
    Me - No. How come I always stuck at home with the kids while you enjoy. :tdown:
    DH - I buy you a berkin?
    Me - What is a berkin? :rolleyes: You mean a birkin :nuts:
    No, I don't want a birkin, you can buy me a kelly.
    DH - wah, 180 degree change
    Me - As a trader, it is my instinct to hit a good offer if presented in front of me. :roflmfao:
    DH - ......................
    Me - So you can go cycling :greengrin:

    To be continued......................
  2. so...

    going cycling for 2 nites = 1 birkin

    therefore if you allow hubby to cycle for 1 week --->

    = 3 'regular' leather birkins = 1 exotic birkin

    therefore cycle for 1 month --->

    = 1 diamond croc birkin!!!!!! :party:


    think you should just let your hubby cycle every night. Lots and lots of H!!!!
  3. u never see "to be continued"
    where got so simple.....
  4. LOL! :lol:

    When my OH goes away with his friends for the weekend, he fills up the refrigerator with food and drinks I like before he goes, and makes sure there are flowers and chocolate in the house.

    He has no qualms about spending thousands of pounds on me when (for example) I needed a new Macbook, or when my car needed a major repair, but he just doesn't get bags and scarves. His idea of a kind gift is something practical, and some chocolate.

    I love him! :love:

    But I do wonder if there's a way to educate him in the ways of H... :graucho:
  5. Dear Ms. Robee:

    LOVED your conversation with your DH!!! Can't wait to see what he did to reward you with kids alone for the weekend?!

    Just a thought, any budget he gives you for this "REWARD"?! You might still have $ leftover to get some matching shoes or accessories :graucho:
  6. LOL!!! My DH is the same...........the last gift I got was a pressure washer to do the patio with because he thought I was working too hard with a stable brush!
    Any chocolates..I have to make sure they have nuts in or he troughs them all (he has a nut allergy..snigger!)
  7. Totally agree with this line of reasoning......perfect!
  8. Chaz - Ditto my DH has nut allergy too so make sure i buy any chocolate with hazlenuts in!!!!!!!
    In fairness he's pressies are pretty good......( not Birkin good) ......he just doesn't get the handbag fixation....... although when it comes to watches then that's a different story!
  9. Why does that sound so familiar to me???

    (well I got ONE H bag and some scarfs..)

    But stll...
  10. OMG Chaz - I can't believe DH bought you a pressure washer! What a darling!!! haha I suppose its better than being given a new iron or saucepans?

    My DH is not too bad - he has promised to buy me a TB shawl at the end of the year (when we make our pilgrimage to London!) and he's pretty good when it comes to bags but it does take huge hints!!!!
  11. robee - maybe I'll have to get my DH to take up cycling!
  12. I think you will be sadly disappointed as these are all now long gone as they were released in A/W '08

    What happened to your Evelyne signature? Not getting one anymore??
  13. Hypoxia - your DH is so sweet, get ready all the food, chocs and flowers…….. My DH is very smiliar to him, practical to a certain extent, no qualms about getting a new laptop, furniture. He just don't get it why we need so many pairs of shoes, scarves, necklaces, bangles, bags…. When the anatomy of human according to him : 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 feet, 1 leg, 2 shoulders, 1 waist hahaaha Where am I hanging the rest? Even as an octupus, I can't handle :hrmm:

    Morganng - DH not dumb, he is awared that birkin or kelly not readily available at the stores in Singapore. But guess he can start with some accessories first… and when we go to italy in sep, I can go full force at H stores. Wait for my part II on the conversation :woohoo:

    Chaz - I got two chairs from herman miller from DH, for me to relag and enjoy my cuppa. That is what a perfect gift about. Our practical DHs… :faint:

    Skes2002 - watches, that is good for us too:smile: :roflmfao:

    Vanmiracle - me too…. Sound like my DH :blush:

    Ali-bagpuss - DH set a trap for me too… cycling is pretty expensive hobby too….. While I buy H, he can buy all want for his cycling hobby.. Hee hee :sneaky:
  14. ^^Well done! So far all bags have been purchased by DH, small items (tons of them) by me!
  15. LOL I cannot wait to hear the rest of this conversation... it seems like a pretty good deal to me - leave the DH to cycle for two nights and you get a free Birkin thrown in :nuts: