'bout the fight? Who's it gonna be Floyd Jr or Oscar??

  1. We always have huge fight parties and this Saturday will be no exception!!:yahoo: And since it's also Cinco de Mayo, you can probably guess the theme.....hhmmmm

    Buw who is it going to be Oscar De la Hoya or Floyd Mayweather, Jr? I am interested to see how it plays out since Oscar showed Floyd Sr. the curb!

    I personally have my money on Oscar....all the way!I'm a huge fan..... And it's not just cuz he's SO HOT! I'm not usually into 'pretty boys' but man...he got it goin on!! It doesn't take but one peek at my man's pic to know I love the big Italians with strong features (Only his grandmother and I LOVE his strong Roman nose, which BTW has been broken in the ring and on the football field (UNLV)....FIVE times!!!Think he snores?:roflmfao: ) But I love Oscar's style...I love his moves......hehe. But I also like what he's done for the sport. He's a respectable guy, a fierce athlete and a great fighter! Yup, that's my pick! Any other fight fans on the forum?
  2. I've been to fights at Mandalay Bay & what a circus! (Told DH I do anything once.) I can't stand the getting beat up part! I know I'm a whoos.
    If there are any single woman coming to Vegas this weekend hang out at the "Bay." Men are everywhere
  3. I grew up around the fight game and I love it! I used to work in a boxing gym and made trunks for all my guys!! They were the best dressed even if they didn't win!
    In fact, I used to work the fights as a ring girl and I only did it cuz I got the BEST seats in the house!! haha
    I'd be so into it that when it was my round to walk I'd forget and the other girls would be yelling at me, "Hey, it's your turn!" I'd be like, "Huh? Who me? You sure, I feel like I just went!" Then while I was making my round I'd be yellin' at my friends and waving....I'd stop mid circle and talk to my buddies. I wasn't very good at it...:roflmfao: But I had a HELLUVA seat!!!!!

    Well should grab your man and hustle on up to my house this saturday for some Mexican food (We get the hook up from Mariana's! AWESOME STUFF!), some good Margaritas, Coronas, cigars and .....THE FIGHT!!!!!
  4. Oscar all the way baby!!
  5. i've been watching the show following the two fighters on HBO. i really hope Oscar wins because Floyd is just so annoying! that man has no class whatsoever and i would really love to see him lose after talking all that trash.
  6. Oscar!

    We have fight parties, too, when schedules permit. Sadly, they won't this weekend. :sad:

    But usually, we send out for a big stack of pizzas and sit around and scream and argue about past performances, need to pay back taxes, it's all a racket anyway, weight, reach, more past performances, and when it's time for the main event, we all put a dollar on the table and announce our choice of fighter, or sometimes, round. In this case it would definitely be round. ;)

    And then we all do the "ready to rummmm-bal" in unison with the dude that does that, and then it's back to screaming...
  7. OK, BF has dragged me into watching the HBO training previews and getting the 'guys' together to watch it at his place on his huge new mammoth high def TV.

    So, I guess pursegrrl is on social chair duty, but meanwhile I say de la hoya all the way!!
  8. Thank you............I was trying to be PC but glad someone said it!!!!:yahoo:
  9. Ok, here's what your job will be and this will make it fun for you. You get a bowl and put small slips of paper in it. Each slip in numbered rounds 1-12 with each fighter as well as decision for each fighter. So 26 total slips of paper (De la Hoya round 1, Mayweather round 1, De la Hoya round 2, Mayweather round 2 etc), each slip of paper is $5.00. So you buy them all up until each one is owned by someone. Then you watch each round and who ever has the winning ticket for that round gets $5! With me? Then suppose at De la Hoya kicks Floyd's A** in the 10th....who ever has De La Hoya in the 10th gets the rest of the pot!!!! If you go all the way to the end who ever gets De la Hoya by decision (worst case scenairo haha) gets the rest of the pot! See.....that makes it so much fun!! Everyone is hyped up, each round everyone is screaming cuz someone has each fighter for that round. And then at the end of the round....there has to be a consesus of who won or you can go to the Lederman Card. Put yourself in charge of that and the $$$$$'ll have a blast!!!
  10. Oh man.........too bad! I'll let you know what happens! hehe
  11. I don't know much about boxing and hate to ruin the party, ladies but I think Mayweather is going to win and I have put £500 (~$1,000) at 9-5 for Mayweather to win so on 6th May it is either me only or everybody else on this forum that has the last laugh, LOL. Mayweather must have something good under his sleeves (i.e. unbeaten record) to get my friend who suggested that I do it for fun to get some loose change, LOL to $4000 on him!

    I've been browsing the statistics and let's be honest, de la Hoya is past his best and he is doing this just for the money (although he has business interest elsewhere or perhaps he should go and release another CD). In the last 4 fights, he lost twice to boxers with the same style as Mayweather (i.e. Mosley and Hopkins). He is too old to handle the intensity. I mean look at when he got KO'ed by Bernard Hopkins and that was 3 years ago when he was in a much better condition than now!
  12. Oscar but I think Mayweather might win...
  13. Cool idea, thanks!!

  14. ditto! dh and i watched the HBO show too and floyd is the biggest a** ever! i want oscar to wipe the floor with him and shut him up once and for all! :cursing:
  15. Same here!!! I am aiming for Oscar all the way... but there's a slight feeling at the bottom of my stomach that Mayweather might win... :push: