So how are messenger bags supposed to be worn??

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  1. Don't laugh but I'm totally new to this messenger bag thing and I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to carry it? Is the bag supposed to be in the front, on the side, or in back? I tried it all different ways in front of the mirror and I've seen it worn all of these ways but I wasn't sure if there is a way that it looks best?
  2. I'm left handed and I always wear mine on my right hip -to swing it off my hip to the front where I dig with my left hand. Occaisionally I wear on the left if I'm trotting around with my four year old and have to hold hands and hubby is not with me to help corral her.
  3. Hip or back..or like a DIL of mine in front! What is most comfortable for you.
  4. Glam - it depends what bag I'm wearing! If I wear my Surprise Me or WTM Messenger, then I tend to push it to the back of my right hip (with the strap as long as possible). If I'm wearing my Enchant Me Midi, or Love Me Midi, then I wear it on my right hip or to the front of my hip. If I am wearing a bag that isn't really designed (to my mind) to be worn messenger, like the Hug Me or the Make Me Smile Midi, then I tend to wear it in front and let my hip take a lot of the weight.
  5. I like the look of crossbodied messengers that hit mid-to-high thigh, not at or ontop of the hip. This is because I generally keep messengers on the side, and maybe if you like the look of the messenger behind/infront of you then this won't be a problem!

    If the messenger strap isn't long enough, I wear messengers on one shoulder so it hangs really low, and not crossbodied at all, which I think looks really nice with shorts/ dresses and also has the nice side effect of preventing the weirdo boob from happening.
  6. Thanks everyone! I knew I'd get good advice here. :biggrin:
  7. Who could forget this? I'm glad it isn't only me who worries about it.
  8. The boob thing has me totally terrified of cross body.
  9. I place the bag in front of me for the most part, if using a crossbody strap.