So, how about this one..?

  1. Jah, I know I´m posting a lot lately.....I just have so many bags I want and my judgment can be odd sometimes..

    I want to get a bag like Livs and this is the closets I got. I buy bags from a site in DK, so no thanks to links. Caus usually sites you pay with a card and I don´t own one. The same as hers are not an option either...That´s the story.. :smile:

    Well, should I keep looking or get this one..?
    It´s a Mimic bag

    Cand_Outa_LAaF0001.jpg 20.JPG 04 090.jpg 04 089.jpg 04 087.jpg 04 088.jpg 04 091.jpg

  2. Ronja,

    What is the bag Liv is carrying? It's super cute. I think you should hold out until you find that one. You'll end up wishing this one was that one! However, the one you posted is super cute too. I just know how it is to really want 1 style and then end up substituting it with the next best thing...'s like using sweet 'n low when you really wanted sugar in the first place.
  3. It´s either a Marc Jacobs Lola bag or a Marc Jacobs East/West Coast Terra.. :smile: But Marc Jacobs.