SO horrified about what I saw on CNN last night...

  1. While I was at the gym, they had CNN's show 'Planet in Peril' on and were focusing on China and how it is a huge consumer of rare/unusual/illegal animals.

    They said (and showed footage) of the 7,500 bears that are used annually for their stomach bile (which is some type of ancient remedy).

    The bears are locked in little cages and have a TUBE IMPLANTED in their stomachs that CONTINUOUSLY sucks the bile out of their stomachs...I have truly never seen such a horrific sight...I am absolutely sickened.

    Before I saw the show, I had no clue that this even happened! I am still baffled and disgusted.:tdown::yucky:
  2. Ugh makes me sick too.
  3. They really need to get it together on all of this animal cruelty. It's so disheartening to hear this kinda stuff constantly. That particularily is so useless and needless and cruel.
  4. Ugggghhh. That makes me sick:sick:. And very PO'd. :mad:
  5. Omg, that is awful! :sad:
  6. Omg!
  7. Couturegrl - I watched the show last night, too. Part two is on tonight. The bear bile operation was horrifying. But when they asked the Chinese environmentalist is about it, he said that if it came to his daughter getting the bile (as medicine) or saving the bears...he would have to give it some thought.

    I find it disgusting that countries get around the CITES agreement by interpreting it as meaning only native species should be protected. Did you see the piece about the Jatujak market in Bangkok? All those animals from Madagascar for sale. :crybaby:
  8. ^I know! With that cute little ferret-things?! And those poor turtles!

  9. There is an entire restaurant in China devoted to wealthy customers who dine there for animal penis. Of EVERY kind. The interviewer found that they consumed ox, horse, and tiger penis for purposes of the viagra-motivated kind. There is a HUGE black market for animal parts from endangered species, all for medicinal use. It's terrible, but it is cultural, and therefore very hard for people to change.
  10. ^^ Wow that is gross. I can't imagine doing any of those things and I agree Neeya that that is part of there culture and it will be hard for them to change.
  11. Ugh. :throwup: that's just sickening. all of it. poor babies!
  12. Disgusting.....very disturbing..
  13. They (chinesse) have some pretty weird customs, like every country, but I must say this is fu**** mean. I helped my daughter with a project once and we "discovered" (we didnt know) that japanese kill dolphins for consume. They just not kill them, they decapite them we saw pictures, it was so bad.
  14. I agree, all of this animal cruelty is ridiculous, something needs to be done about it.
    I feel so bad for all of those animals. I see no need to do that to these poor bears.:crybaby: Some people have no compassion.:cursing:
  15. those poor bears :sad: