So he's a keeper?

  1. I'm guessing on a joking level my fiance is a keeper since he bought me the Coach Hamptons Hobo Scarf Print bag...I LOVE IT, I actually fell to my knees in the store because it was the last one and 20% off

    Now I did ask a question about serial numbers but are ALL the scarf prints different, I heard that no two are identical even though they carry the same serial number??

    If thats the case I have already spotted fakes on ebay.
  2. I think you asked this on ebay (or someone else did tonight). The first series of numbers may vary because they indicate where it was made, the year of manufacture and something else. The last 4 or 5 numbers should be the same because that is the style number.
  3. gotcha ;) No one replied on ebay lol thought they all went to bed most are a couple years older than me LoL

    ty for the reply!
  4. The serial # will be the same but the print is different in each bag. It's just the way the material is cut. It's less noticeable wit the signature line cause the fabric is a repeating pattern in the same color.
  5. I have seen fakes on ebay but they are bad you can tell they are fake
  6. I have seen tons of fake scarf prints on ebay but i you can really tell if they are fake...they don't have that "satiny" look.