so here's the pat. mini skinny *pics*

  1. here's the mini skinny plus the wristlets i'm embarrased coz it's only a small collection but i love 'em:heart: will have more soon!!!
  2. I don't see the pictures.
  3. ohhh shoot!!! the pix didn't come as attachments!!!
  4. i hope this works and oh, the soho mini sig in khaki/white, i returned it
  5. Every collection has to start somewhere. It ooks great. Pretty soon you will have tripled that! :smile:

    There are some enablers here.

  6. Congrats! I wish they made more patent accessories.
  7. congrats! love the patent too!
    i'm sure this is the start of your mini skinny collection - they're so cute!
  8. yeah, i'm starting to love my ms :p:heart:
  9. i wish they would coz i think it's more durable than the other leathers that they have i guess
  10. Congrats! The patent collection was beautiful.
  11. I love the patent skinny. I went with a wristlet in stead I am considering getting the skinny
  12. i made a quite stupid thing last black friday coz i went to mall of america and saw wristlets in patent bad thing is i bought a soho leather wristlet and hubby doesn't want me to buy another one! then i ended up returning the soho!! now there's no more patent wristlets around here (macy's and boston store) grrr! i'm really mad!! will look for it at the outlets
  13. ^^^^husbands tend to have a way with interfering with our "bag dreams"!

    I love your wristlets and mini skinny! And don't worry about the size of your collection. First, size doesn't matter, right? and if you're hanging around here, it's almost impossible NOT to add more things!

    Congrats on everything - it's all so pretty!
  14. Congrats! Great pic!

  15. I agree whole heartedly with you. This is a fact;)