So here's my first few weeks of Coach purchases...

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  1. congrats!!
  2. Love the butterfly tote! Congrats!
  3. I love the butterfly tote! This forum is addicting isn't it?
  4. Great bags! I saw the butterfly tote IRL and she is pretty!
  5. Such pretty items! Love your Glams and the jeweled wallet!
  6. awesome!!! the julianne is tdf, the bleecker wallet is a great staple, the butterfly and glam totes are so frilly i just love them, and great raspberry wallet!! whew!
  7. Very nice collection!
  8. Congrats, you've got some lovely pieces, and that butterfly tote is so gorgeous!
  9. Gorgeous stuff~Welcome!
  10. We are wallet twins! I LOVE your butterfly tote! OMG it is adorable...if I didn't have little ones I would be getting one of those. I just saw that Lurex glam tote @ Dillards today~~it is LOVELY! You have a nice collection! =)
  11. VERY pretty!! Your pink wallet looks great with your butterfly tote!!
  12. welcome to the forum

    i am so loving the butterfly tote

    congrats on all your rocking hauls
  13. Very nice collection! I love the butterfly tote, it's super cute!!