So here's a dumb question.....

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  1. I am pretty new to Kate spade and recently ordered the pippa bag through the surprise sale. My question is is the pippa bag a full priced bag, an outlet bag, or a reissue of a full priced bag that was made for the outlet. Also how do you tell the difference between outlet and full priced bags?
  2. The Pippa satchel style was made both for the outlet and full-price store, I believe. Here is a link to the Pippa that is sold full-price at

    And since the Surprise Sale usually sells just outlet stuff, I imagine the Pippa satchel you got is most likely made exclusively for the outlet.

    And to answer your last question, one way I know it's an outlet bag is by looking at the lining. The outlet bag's lining normally have the words "KATE SPADE NEW YORK" written on the lining. Full-Price bags usually have more "unique" linings like black bows, polka dots, stripes, etc.

    FP bags also have the "quick and curious" lining which is a similar color as the outlet bag lining. I posted a picture below for comparison.

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  3. Thank you so much!