So here it is: mousse front pocket paddy!

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  1. :wlae: Here is my newest addition, one I have been looking for for quite a while now, the mousse front pocket paddy!:yahoo::yahoo: I love the silver hardware :cloud9:on it, and the style is much more user friendly and comfortable than the regular paddy! I also love the very subtle grey-greenish shade, nice neutral especially for all black, grey, white, blue clothing!
    (Sorry for the boxes in the background of the modelling pic, we are right in the middle of moving apartments...:sweatdrop:)
  2. cute bag brigitte! looks super slouchy, congrats!!! (and the dress is gorgeous too!)
  3. I love front paddy... the color is so great. I have another color ( same yours - in the photo) but it calls "Roche" , I wonder if it is same shade?

    Here mine :


    Is it anyway for Roche = Mouse?
  4. ^ Roche is not the same colour as mousse - mousse is a greeny grey, whereas roche is more of a browny-grey.

    Brigitte, ANOTHER chloe! She's absolutely beautiful - what a collection you have now!
  5. Never mind , my bag looks greyist in the photo . But in daylight, when I saw it... it turn out grey green .

    I agree, it's easy to pick any clothes goes with it.

    Good choice, I used to have ( one is medium in black"sold" ) and right now I have the large in Sable :smile:
  6. Haha, thank you for pointed it out... I just wake up , so after saw hers, I think it same, but after posted mine...I see the different . I think I am not wake up yet. Still really early (6:19 am), I usually wake up arround 9:30 am everyday :smile:
  7. It looks gorgeous Brigitte! Congrats on such a stunning bag :yahoo:

    It looks great on you and I love the style. I had a mousse regular paddy and figured out the colour just wasn't for me, but it takes such beautiful photos. Glad you love it!
  8. Brigitte, awesome Paddy and colour, love it :nuts:! And you look so hot wearing the bag, great dress!
  9. Your new paddy is stunning, Brigitte... and you wear it well...
    I am glad to get another glimpse of your lovely mirrow, btw..
  10. OMG! Excellent color and style....Love it!
    Im also drueling over that "Roche zippy"...Its Been on my wish list for a while now!
  11. Beautiful!!! Brigitte your outfits always eclipse the bags :nuts:
    I also love your watch
  12. Beautiful, the front pocket is my favorite Paddy style.
  13. Thank you ladies, for all your lovely compliments! I love sharing my bag purchases with you, you are all the most friendly girls!:hugs::ty::heart:

    Even though this is not a recent style I am really stunned and surprised how much I like this bag! It makes me very happy!
  14. Your new Paddy is reeeeally cute.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: It looks great on you.:woohoo: Would you tell me how is it more user friendly than a regular Paddy? Is it heavy? I don't have a regular or a front pocket but if I ever get one it's gonna be a front pocket or the one like Love Pink's Roche.
  15. What a gorgeous bag brigitte!!! Congrats - you also seem to have a lovely wardrobe to co-ordinate perfectly with your bags - that dress in the modelling pics is perfect with the mousse.... love it!