So here I am on wireless while Limo-thingee does driving to NYC! (bagshoppin?!)

  1. I could REALLY :heart:get used to this. It's called the Limoliner and it's a plush comfy bus (think first class-niiiice) with wireless (!YES!) snack, beverages, and a bathroom. Does it GET any better to be on my way to NYC with the hubsteroonie, seeing my first Broadway show and doing some shopping? I think NOT!

    I wonder if Bal NY has any DAY hobos. I may spring.....

    >>Boston/ Metro West/ Maine/NH gals -consider this an endorsement for this service which was only like $79/one way. Hub is snoozing and I'm looking up yet more addresses to hit ...Marc Jacobs....:graucho:...all of West Village/Soho....

    I can hear my Amex card revving up in my Rouge VIF Bbag:wlae:
  2. Ooh have fun!
  3. Sounds awesome, have fun!
  4. YAY show us ur gooodies when u get back
  5. Have a great time in NYC! :biggrin:

    That bus sounds FAAAAABULOUS!
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