So help me choose.....please......

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  1. I got these 2 bags and one has to go back. Please vote.
    Pearl Grey large grommet selva
    Pearl Grey multifunction laptop tote

  2. I would say the tote. I love Selma's
  3. Hey I should of stated it will be my everyday bag. Like purse .
  4. The tote should go back. Keep the Selma it's gorgeous !!!!!!
  5. Selma is amazing !!! KEEP HER :biggrin:
  6. Selma!
  7. Keep Selma!!
  8. Do you ladies with Selma find her comfortable?
  9. keep the Selma!
  10. Keep the selma! I absolutely love mine. So easy to carry and comfortable
  11. Definitely keep the Selma. Selma's are HOTT right now!!!!😀
  12. The tote would go back ... love the selma ... yes and I find the selma very comfortable. Love the long strap you can carry over your shoulder without it falling down.
  13. Say buh bye to the tote. Keep the Selma!
  14. Keep the Selma! There's a reason why it's MK's #1 best selling bag, it's perfect!
  15. Love your guys input. Thanks so much.