So have you officially switch to your Fall stuff yet?

  1. I finally took out my apple purse/skinny, switched out my keys onto the key ring, and changed my cell key fob from the starfish to the fruit one ( I know its also summery.. but it matches the apple! )

    Just ordered my Paul Smith Messenger that should work well with the apple and still waiting on the new line before I commit to a bag.

    What about you?
  2. yeah. i've switched over to stuff that's definately darker (chocolate brown leather, rather than my scribble tote) and more autumn-y. and i'm hoping to find a wallet with red accents...
    now that all my flip flops are packed away, i figured i should....
  3. I switched from the patchwork to my black hamptons tote. I kind of want something in brown or red. What do you guys this of this floral tote? I saw it at the outlet last weekend.
    coach floral.jpg
  4. I will as soon as my Hamptons leather book tote in the gorgeous brass/bordeaux comes (hopefully tomorrow)! I am looking at the signature tote in dark brown too because I really love that color.

    prcheney, that is a really pretty floral tote and the colors are very autumnal. You should get it definitely!
  5. Well I've been using my Speedy, because I want the handles to patina. LOL. The majority of my Coach pieces are brown signature and I use them most of the year. I will pull out my Poppy Demi and white leather trimmed swing-pack and wristlet in the spring. Yep, I am one of those no white leather after Labor day people.
  6. I'm with krispin on the white after Labor Day (at least when it comes to purses!) I have seasonally retired my white and gold duffle until the spring!
  7. It's just too hard to think of fall when the weather is still so warm (California). During the week I'm into the fall colors, but weekends are still flip flop weather and khaki signature tote. I'm a no white after Labor Day gal too. Must be because I grew up back east where they have real seasons!
  8. I am ready for fall so to kick off the season, I purchased the chocolate Coach hamptons striped hobo. :graucho:
  9. I'm ready for fall. I have switched to a Chocolate bag. I'm looking at some black and brown bags for fall and winter.
  10. I haven't and probably won't. I might use the suede items more often but I tend to use whatever I want whenever I want to.
  11. Yes, I packed up all the summer stuff (anything all white, in summer shades, or straw/raffia/etc) about a week before Labor Day. (I still miss carrying my LV Mandarin Epi wallet!)

    Now I'm doing the non-summer bag thing (black, brown, camel, tobacco) but am going to wait a few more weeks before breaking out the hardcore stuff (plum suede, deep red croc, etc). I just wish it would stop raining in northern VA so I can carry my fall Marc Jacobs bags! Grrr.
  12. i love coldddd
    i hate living in texas bc its never really cold
    but ill probably start being more 'fall'
    when it gets below 90 degrees
    until then its still summer for mee :smile:
  13. Guess I need to start thinking about switching... I just finished cleaning my camel colored and dark brown colored leather bags and I'll mosturize them in a while... maybe I should start using them on Monday instead of my cute summery striped bag! (but I love it soooo miuch)
  14. I'm the same way, I also love using my summery bags in the fall/winter because I feels that it brightens everything up! And my peacoat is bright green, so I feel like I have to carry a summery bag with it.
  15. haha. i feel ya. i was born in texas, now living in georgia (and before that, i lived in ohio). i miss the change of seasons now and how summer last for freaking ever....i'm definately a winter gal.