So has the new range bombed? Hoxton, Carnaby, Fleet?

  1. It's interesting that there's been very little talk here about the new range. Somehow, they just don't do it for me - there's something very Ri2k or Biasia about them. They just don't shout Mulberry to me. The Carnaby reminds me of Chloe's Silverado bag.
    I'm sure the leather will be wonderful but they're just too bland. Also there's no way I could carry a bag (Fleet) that has the same name as a motorway services!
    What do you all think? Has anyone bought anything from this range yet?
  2. Don't care much for it. That's why its on sale here in the US. Can't remember how much off....
    I think the FLeet reminds me of something my mom would carry!
  3. I agree some of the new spring-summer range are very bold for Mulberry.

    Also think that they might be trying to go abit more upmarket,some of the prices are !!

    Mulberry are nice but hardly top of the range (this is how people like me can afford to buy)

    Maybe they are going to try and go more upmarket,which would be a shame as I couldn`t afford to buy :sad:
  4. You see, I really like the Fleet (and even more so if it's reduced! How much is it reduced by in the US?). And I think the Carnaby is a similar shape to the Emmy.

    However, I can see I'm in the minority!

    I guess that when people think of Mulberry, they think of Darwin leather, not nappa. Plus, these bags are under £400 so they may not scream quality in the same way.
  5. No not keen on the nappa leather range personally but i haven't seen any IRL. I like the somerset range and the iconic styles myself! Next bag I'm eyeing up and hope will be in the outlet in May is the somerset shoulder bag!
  6. As soon as I saw it was washed nappa it put me off. IMO, washed nappa doesn't hold up that well.
    I saw a washed nappa araline at Shepton and it was really badly marked and scagged.
    The Carnaby is similar to the Emmy but the straps really reminded me of the Silverado.
    It's good that Mulberry tries out different styles but don't think this range is going to be a hit. Will be interesting to see how fast they get to the outlets.

  7. I really like the Somerset tote and the hobo. If there's a tote in oak in May, it's got my name on it!!
  8. Well actually their might be a new one coming up on eBay soon

    Might put it on next week

    Sorry this will prob be deleted:lol::lol:
  9. Apart from a couple they have done like the agyness and mabel, nothings floating my boat that much I have to say,the hobos are quite nice too,but overall I think with the prices etc I will wait till they start moving through into the outlets,might be nice funds allowing to carry a new agyness while its current though!!!!
  10. Tara - love that somerset tote!! Maybe next in oak.... dream dream..

    Ditab, the fleet line is 30 or 40% off, don't remember exactly what the SA said. You could give one of the stores a call and find out definitely.

    Maybe you will get an early Christmas pres!!
  11. I agree with chaz only the agyness and the mabel interest me but I will wait for the outlets to get some they already have a few mabels
    shouldn't really mention on this forum but I am saving for a chloe heloise :heart::heart::heart:
  12. Jackie,I have a black Chloe it. You have so many mulberry bags maybe its time for something else!
  13. No be strong- don`t go over to the dark side :p:p
  14. Sorry to let you down girls but I think the Heloise has to be my next bag still want a mabel though
    My local boutique has the heloise I want in the window and i pass everyday to look at it
    How sad am I !!!!!!!
  15. :woohoo::yes: HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't even received my first in the mail yet and I am already thinking about something in oak!!