So has anyone seen Step Up?

  1. I saw it about a week ago and I just want to say Channing Tatum is so HOT HOT HOT!! Gosh, I can't believe I just said that :nuts:
  2. I haven't seen it yet but hope to see it this weekend!
  3. Just don't drool all over your popcorn! Jeez, I'm such a teenager :girlsigh:
  4. I just saw it today!!!

    At first I didnt want to watch it, but at the end I ended loving it!!! The story line was great, pretty dramatic at times though.

    But whoa, the male lead Channing blahh blahh is hottttttttttttttt.

    I was drooling the whole movie, what a butt he has!!!!!! hahahaha

    ARGH i left wanting him badly. BUTTT his one bag under his right eye was bugging me.

    OH, and people laughed at me in the theatres... I was like literally the only one who screamed twice when the Grudge 2 preview came on ;[
  5. I took my kids to see it last night, it was pretty good.
  6. Yeah in real life he's dating that girl that plays the ballerina teacher (or something) I haven't seen the movie yet.

    Reynald- I don't blame you..The Grudge was a scary movie. I think that is the scariest movie I've seen. After seeing it, I really didn't like that throat noise!!! It freaked me out.
  7. Omg, he's really dating her?! I heard he was "Downe" with the boys -- Made me happy knowing one man out there has him hahaha.

    The Grudge is the only movie that ever made me shiverrrrr.
  8. Unfortunately he's never been in a "real" serious movie. His other movie was She's The Man, which was as cheesy as it could be like any other teenage movie, but he was hot nonetheless. He was also in Havoc with Anne Hathaway and Bijou Phillips which I want to see.


    Anyway, my friends haven't seen the movie so I'm going to see it, again!
  9. Someone told me Channing Tatum is gay in real life. Is that true?

    I havent seen this movie but my brother saw it and he liked it (hes a dancer). He described it as something similar to Save the Last Dance.

  10. ^Hmmm....maybe he is & he has came out yet?!? But the gossip mags say he's actually dating his costar from that movie.
  11. Loved this movie, that girl could dance so well, and she was gorgeous.


    obvi channing tatum is sex on feet.
  12. hmmm, after reading good reviews from you guys, i might have to see this movie. It sounds pretty good.
  13. Saw it last week, it was pretty good, but predictable like the other simialr movies, ie; save the last dance etc!
  14. i love that movie! the dancing is out of this world:tender:. the arts school only made me sad that i never seriously pursued my ambition to sing :cry: