So hard to say goodbye...

  1. I am becoming a "career Mom". Most days I have to ignore the fact that I leave my son to go to work, but I have no choice. Both my husband and I have great jobs and we look at people who make less than us that have multiple car loans, mortgages and many children, and we wonder what we are doing wrong.

    I got promoted in November; my first Supervisor job. I feared that I would not be able to do it (I am a rather emotional person by nature) and I have surprised even myself. That feels great.

    Every once in a while I have to travel to a different state as we have multiple offices throughout the world, and today I had to say goodbye to my son and husband.

    DH and I have been fighting here and there these last few weeks...I have just been so stressed with work and he has taken the brunt of all of it. But the last couple days we talked about things, joked about our fights (which I swear is what keeps us together) and just enjoyed each others company. We all laughed and played together before I had to leave, and before I left we all embraced in hugs and gave so many kisses...

    Then I had to waive goodbye to my two boys...I have attached a photo of what they sent me tonight to make me feel better. I do not know why, but my God, it was so hard today.

    I wonder how you all handle having to travel and being away from your spouse and children. I love that I am making a name for myself in the company I work for, but I sometimes wonder if the amount of hours that I sometimes put in and the travel is worth it. I don't know how people do this on a routine basis. I suppose you'd get used to it...but maybe not...

    I am just so freaking sad tonight. I know that others out there have it way worse than I, but this is where I am now. Just left wondering if it is worth all this...

    But then I see this picture, and I know that they love me!!
  2. I'm not in your situation so I can't advise you, but sounds like you need a BIG HUG, so ***HUGS***.
  3. Thank you...I needed that!!
  4. I know how exactly is the feeling of missing your child and especially your loved ones! My eldest daughter in the Philippines right now with his dad (my ex-bf) and going to study there Kindergarten for a while.. She’s coming back here in Hong Kong right after she graduated Kindergarten.. I haven’t seen her for a month now.. And damn.. I miss her so much already!!! Why we sent her back there? Well.. I have no choice, I am very busy with my work, no one can take care of her here because getting a helper to take care of her is very expensive here in Hong Kong.. L
  5. I don't have any advice but...hugs, I hope you feel better and I love your pic of your two boys, I bet you smile when you look at them!
  6. I dont have any advice as I dont have kids or a husband.. but my BF travels alll the time for work, so I kind of know what youre feeling...when Im just sitting at home missing him, its another story.. but for you.. its different though when YOU are the one working and going away and having to feel guilty about not being there and missing them. The only advice I can offer with my mere 22 years of age is to keep in touch, know that they are always thinking of you, no one can replace you and they love you and you love them.

    When you are with them, make all of the time spent memorable. Show them that although youre busy with work etc, youre still there for them and nothing will ever change that. And with you and your DH making more money with double incomes, and that can be used towards an INCREDIBLE family vacation :heart:

    hope this helped a little... think positively!! :wlae:
  7. I travel for work and have to leave DH and my doggies (I know that is not like kids, but I have no kids so to me it sorta is..). It is hard! I sit in the hotel room with my pathetic bottled water and crappy bed and I keep calling DH about every 45 minutes at night, meanwhile he is probably enjoying the silence. Biz travel is hard at times, as is working and trying to maintain a family. Learn what stresses you out and try to find ways to dump the tension as quickly as possible at the end of the work day. We are always here!
  8. Well, I don't have kids, just dogs. But I do work full time and love my job so someday this could become an issue with me too.

    My hope is that I can find a way to balance both but if it comes down to one or the other it's obviously got to be the child. I was a "latchkey" kid so to speak...and my mom was a single parent (dad died). She had no choice but to work.

    I actually feel like there is a lot pressure for women to have a career no matter what...and to be 'everything' to everybody. We're supposed to be wonderwoman. At least that's the way I have felt growing up. But maybe it's okay to not work so much and focus more on the kids. And maybe it's okay to let hte husband focus on the kids.

    It's really about the balance that you are able to strike in your life. Is it more important to work in order to pay for two cars and a bigger house? If so then that is what you need to do. Or would it be better to downsize? But if you're working because you love it (and you'd be unhappy with something different) then keep doing it as good as you can.

    My husband insists that I will work full time after we have kids because he likes life with "things" ... but I am of the opinion that it's okay to live more simply without so many 'things'. Plus you save on daycare. :smile:

    Whatever you determine to be your path, do it with all your heart. Your son will love you no matter what!!!
  9. Thank you all so much. I am sitting here in my hotel watching the Real Wedding Crashers...blah blah...cruising all over the internet...looking for something to keep my mind off of this...I talked to my son tonight and all he could talk about was me coming home in 4 days...Oh, only 4 more days...and my damn birthday is Wednesday. That is the one day that I just want to come back here and crawl in bed...ok, I'll get off my soapbox...thanks for listening!