So Hard Saying No!!

  1. I passed on the Speedy Doctor 25, but man was it a tough call!!

    The black leather was so soft and delicate and the handles were causing indents and was very easily scratched.

    Waiting on the Trunk Clutch now!

    Here’s some pics:

    IMG_4124.jpg IMG_4125.jpg IMG_4126.jpg IMG_4127.jpg IMG_4128.jpg IMG_4129.jpg IMG_4130.jpg

    I went home with some goodies I was eyeing on Saturday when I picked up my Pallas clutch, couldn’t believe they were still there!

  2. On a side note, back when LV was giving leather ties with the boxes I started making this ball:


    Now I’m adding the ribbon to it, eventually it will be a bowling ball

  3. So sad you passed on the Speedy with this STUNNING box calf leather! The finest!
  4. I know, it’s sad.

    Even my SA said I made the right decision, she knows how I baby my bags.

    She said it’s better to get something that would get more use, and in the end, it’s so true for me!
  5. The things I like about this bags: monogram & wide opening & has strap, the things I don't like about this bag: too stiff boxy looking (even I like structured bag) & weird looking (no offense to anyone loves it) & the leather part look like would be scratched easily. I'd say it's fine to pass on, there are so many other bags are better looking and more practical :smile:
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  6. I saw the all leather version before in store and it has some scratches already. It's beautiful but might need some extra taking care of.
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  7. Yeah I saw the all leather one too, and it arrived at the store with scratches
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  8. So cute! Now I know what to do with these things!
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  9. I have a drawer full of LV and Gucci ribbon. Why do they give you so much of it anyway? One of my Gucci bags box had so much ribbon on it i could have hog tied a grown man. The shopping bag itself was big enough for a dorm fridge lol! I am not even kidding.
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  10. Oh My!
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  11. I initially told my SA I wanted it, but later told her I decided against it sight unseen. I loved the look when I saw it in the pictures, and love my Speedy bags so much, but the leather looked extremely delicate. I knew I would never carry it if I was always worried. I think you made the right decision. There will be plenty more beauties in the future!
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  12. Did you try to bounce it when it was just the leather ties? I'm really wondering if it bounced....:lol:
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  13. Lol
  14. I did! It had some bounce, lol
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  15. Thank you!

    I got the call today the Trunk clutch is waiting for me at the store