So hard, must keep big bag ban! :(

  1. I am so glad, that the scarf I am waitlisted for is not in yet...the heart is and the key chain is...but I going to go to the store when it's all there....

    otherwise I know I would break my ban on big bags...classic chics thread is making me want a stephan...must be strong! :sweatdrop:
  2. If you break it which bag would u get???
  3. oh, a stephan......:drool: :love: ....:graucho:
  4. good! LOL....Bronze bucket :graucho: :roflmfao:
  5. :roflmfao: Touche!

    Actually, I have a bronze beauty heading my way today/tomorrow, but it's not a SO bucket.:graucho: I'll post pics as soon as I get her......:yahoo:
  6. Are you sure the heart will still be there?
  7. Yes, my SA knows me very I told she could charge it if it was a problem...but she said no problem :smile:
  8. Yahoo! Can't wait to see it!
  9. Stephen is going to be out soooon:devil: what did u WL for?
  10. good luck on your pieces! im a little jealous, i just found out i would NOT be getting one today!
  11. Twink! YOU on a ban???!!! I'm shocked and awed. Keep it girl. Didn't you just clean out everything... been wanting to ask if you sold; cause I need to know it's an option, I don't want a really big collection. But, you know it's the way of the universe, when there's an empty space the universe moves to fill it. So, keep your ban, cause you just made space, and you'll just fill it up again...

    I wonder if I'll get a heart purse? I've waitlisted forever, but maybe I'll be skipped. Congrats on yours.... hang in there! There will ALWAYS be a bag for you, that red epi you just scored is so fab and classic. I LOVE it!
  12. Only on a big bag ones are still ok. ;) I did sell a few things, and it felt good...not really the money, but for the 'gluttony' of it all, sometimes it's overwhelming...kwim?
  13. I am so sorry to hear might want to try some other stores...I hope you'll find one in the end.
  14. The amour scarf :smile: