So happyyyyy....look what i found?

  1. Hello,
    I just got back from NM and i found the most gorgeous Origan City. :happydance: I thought i should share my happy family with you all. Now i have to send my BI Twiggy back to BalNY and get another yummmy baby.:graucho:
    img_1587 (2).jpg IMG_1584.JPG
  2. Congrats!!!!!!!! The leather and color are GORGEOUS!!!!!!
  3. I love origan! Congrats and enjoy it!
  4. ooh, that's a pretty color for fall! congrats!
  5. Hi Nanaz!!! Congratulations on your origan city!!! So glad you found another Balenciaga to love!!! :yahoo:
  6. Hi Mass- today was my lucky day.:smile: I walked into NM and it was sitting there and waiting for me. I always wanted to have this color and BI Twiggy is going back to BalNY. I will either exchange it or wait for Spring colors. I like your midafternoon. I saw it at NM in Caramel and Truffle color. Oh they also had the BI in First (only one though).:flowers:
  7. which NM???
  8. lovely!:heart:
  10. Tyson's Corner in Virginia. 703-761-1600.:smile:
  12. Thats awesome! Poor Blue India Twiggy is going back! I will call you tomorrow, Nicole and I are going to dinner and then going to see Chicago (the play not the group)...YAY for nanaz!
  13. Have fun!:supacool:
  14. Wow the origan is gorgeous, you have a beautiful b-bag family.
  15. Wow, that's gorgeous! Lucky you! Congrats!
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