So happy!


Jul 21, 2010
I finally tracked down a mono speedy 35! :yahoo:
Not brand new as I was hoping for, but a gently loved one. I was quite nervous about purchasing off of craigslist. But the lady was very friendly and willing to meet me at LV. Luckily, they were nice enough to tell me that it was in fact authentic. I was afraid they would not want to authenticate and then I would be left to my instincts. She still had original tags, reciept, etc. The bag is in excellent condition, though I am saddened I missed out two things 1) on the whole shopping experience and 2) the patina process. I'm personally a huge fan of the pale leather. The patina is not at all dark and is a light honey, but I'm already thinking of taking it in to replace all the leather.

Oh, and while I was in LV I fell in love with a damier ebene speedy. I never gave the ebene any consideration but I tried it on and LOVED the colors. Too bad they only had the 25, i'm a bit too tall for such a small bag. Something new to lust after! :love:


Nov 1, 2010
heyy congrats! on your mono speedy 35 ! i havee the azur 30 which i also love and the leather now after a yr of use is a really light honey now and was wondering did u ask the SA there how much will it cost to replace all the leather??? cause im also a huge fan of the pale leather and since mine is starting to change im starting to think that mayb i should go get it changed to when it gets to a point that i cant stand! :biggrin:
thx! n congrats again !


Happy Chrissy!
May 11, 2009
Congrats on your Speedy! Replace the leather when it gets even darker that way it'll be more worth the expense :smile:


May 10, 2010
on the orange slippery slope
Rachel I hope you will post modeling pics!

And it is great that you were able to get it authenticated before purchase. Sounds great to me and since you bought it while at LV it is a pseudo-LV experience ;) And yay you even added a bag to your wishlist :smile:


Jul 21, 2010
Thanks everyone I will try to post modeling pics later tonight!

LVoe. - the SA quoted me $300 for my 35 so I would imagine a bit less for your 30