So happy...

  1. Hi dear friends!
    Usually I write in LV forum... now I'm here 'cause... I'M PREGNANT!!!:yahoo:
    My husband and me are so happy... Im six weeks... s/he is still a little bean... I'm a little bit worried because this week I had two little dark red/brown losses (like spotting)... so I know my pregnancy is sensitive...:sad: because my gyno said they were two principes of abort...:wtf:

    but now I try to stay calm...

    I'm 36, I'm 1.65mt and 48kg... so I'm worried to be under the optimal weight... so i'm always hungry with kellog's or ice-creams in my mouth...
    but I wouldn't risk to gain too much weight!

    Well, this is my story!
  2. Dear Stephanie,

    This is wonderful news for you and your husband. I know that you are nervous which is quite natural for a first pregnancy. Try to relax and feel all the wonderful changes taking place in your body over the next weeks and months. It's an awesome experience - nothing like it.

    Your weight sounds low to me so just try to stay healthy by eating the right kinds of foods and getting some folic acid and vitamins.

    Hope everything works out great for you.
  3. :yahoo: Congrats!!!
  4. :heart:Thanks Lover...
    In effect these days I get very angry for my job...
    and also my husband has a lot of problems (my father-in-law has a advanced Alzheimer...)

    I have to stay relaxed and calm:noworry:... so this week we are going to go in our house in Sardinia... just good food, sea, and relax... hping that all will proceed well...

    Ah! We were talking about names...:graucho:

    1. if's a male: Federico
    2. if's a female: Isabella...

    We accept conseils!
  5. Congratulations Stephanie! Just take things easy and stay calm!!! Welcome aboard the pregnancy train! :biggrin:
  6. Congratulations, Stephanie!! We are all very happy for you :biggrin: :heart:
  7. Congratulations!!!
  8. WooHoo Congratulations!!! :tup:
  9. Woooo Hoooooo! Congrats to you and your DH!:yahoo:...Welcome to the preggo section! It has wonderful expecting moms and recent moms. I love this new section and look forward to hearing how your pregnancy is progressing~

    Ghost (fellow LV Lover):heart:
  10. Congratulations! Isabella is one of my FAVORITE names for girls!! good choice! Enjoy this wonderful and miraculous time in your life!
  11. Congratulations, how exciting!
  12. OMG! Congratulations~~~~
  13. Congrats! Hope can get some luck from you!
  14. Congrats! Keep relaxing.
  15. Congratulations Stephanie....make sure you take ur prenatal vitamin regularly..don't forget them :smile: