so happy

  1. Hi every1 ... I am very new to Chloe ... but I appreciate the beauty of the Paddy ... bought my 1st Chloe (Paddy :yahoo:) ... in white (blanc) ... so
    TDF !!!!
    You guys are so right ... once you have one Paddy, you will get hooked ...
    It's like there's something-something when you see and touch it :p ..
    anyway my nice SA at Nordstrom sent me an email yest and saw that one was on sale ... couldn't think twice, I knew I have to get it :love:
  2. hi and welcome! I'm a recent newbie too and I think we got the same bag! 07 Blanc classic? Smells wonderful and getting smooshier by the minute!:yahoo:
  3. :yahoo: Yay! Welcome to Chloe!!! Congrats~ :flowers:
  4. Welcome and congrats!! :yahoo:
    I love the Paddington :heart::heart:
  5. yay!!! well done :biggrin:

    we need piccies now lol please :biggrin:
  6. Congratulations on your first paddy!! Pics??? =D
  7. awwww thank u every1 ...
    ahhhh just have the vista in my comp,. I tried to install the camera software, guess what ... it is not compatible :hrmm: so can't transfer to my comp ... I will-will post the pics :sweatdrop:
    Now I see the new Paddy for fall ... :drool:
  8. I know !!!!! :yes:
    I oso just got the Muse but different feeling and DH said he likes the Paddy better :p
  9. Wow that's a prob there, I didn't know that you'd have to upgrade your camera's software to upload pics

    Anyway, congrats on the white Paddy- sounds wonderful!
  10. Congrats on a great bag!!!!
  11. Welcome to the beginning of your Chloe addiction!
  12. Yey, congrats, your next won't be far behind!
  13. Congrats on your 1st Paddy. Looking forward to pics. =)
  14. Enjoy your new blanc Paddy! ;)
  15. pics! PICS! PICS!!! modeling ones, if possible :heart: