So happy!!!!!!!!

  1. you guys would not believe what happened to me today. about 2 years ago, i went on b/c i wanted to add MC speedy 30 on my wishlist there. they don't have a wishlist, so i just added it on my shopping bag. the cost of the MC speedy then was 1710.00. i went on elux again, and was shocked that the bag was still on my shopping bag for 1710!!!! I purchased it, not before asking the customer rep if i can actually purchase it for 1710 and she said yes!!!! Now I already bought a MC speedy 30 through elux but on the phone for 1910. but i will return the unused MC Speedy, and save 200.00!!!! i am sooooo happy today.
  2. wow really thats awesome> i cant believe it was still there congrats!!!!
  3. wow thats great! yey new money for another bag! x
  4. that's a great story and good cust serv on their part! enjoy!! :yahoo:
  5. After two years! That was great luck for you. I thought they removed items from your basket after 24 or 48 hours.........I've never put anything in my basket and just left it in there on Elux so I wouldn't know. At any rate! Congratulations!
  6. wow...that is so amazing!!!!!
  7. wow that's really great! I'm surprised they are honouring the old price, but that is great! Elux has great Customer Service..i wish they shipped to Canada.
  8. wow that is awesome they let you buy at the old price. I had no idea they would accept that. cool deal for you. Congrats
  9. congrats hunny!!!! what you gonna spend your new found fortune on?? LV!
  10. Wow, I had put stuff in my cart the other night, and in the morning it was gone! It was ok tho. Both items I didn't really need.

    Congrats on getting the old price for your mc speedy!
  11. are so lucky!!! Congrats!
  12. congrats!!
  13. Wow thats so cool congrats!
  14. Wait... you already have a MC speedy? now you're going to buy another one, return it for the current price, and 'save' 200$?
    sorry, but I wouldn't do this cuz it's against my moral values....
  15. Wow, lucky you! Did you not purchase anything from Elux since u add the MC in ur basket 2 years ago? Anyway, just want to say Congrats on the deal! :yahoo: