So happy, yet so sad.....

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  1. Been in lust with the small venetia le for a while.
    Regular one is too big for me.
    Found an authentic one on eBay - yay - but it's petal pink so it will have to sit in a dust bag till spring:sad: I hate that!! So I'm super psyched, yet a little sad:crybaby:
  2. ^^That's completely untrue. Colors are not limited to certain seasons. If they were, they wouldn't make winter coats in every color of the rainbow. Your bag would pop against a black top and a dark pair of jeans. I don't believe in rules when it comes to fashion.
  3. Pink works anytime, anywhere. Just ask any "survivor".
  4. Amen to that!! Pink Rocks!!:heart:PINK:heart::yahoo::party:
  5. OK - Good:smile: I don't really think I can not carry it anyway - too excited - so I'm doing it!
  6. wear it with a dark shade of pink and a another dark color and it will really emphasize the unique petal pink color, i saw this bag on eBay. i stalk eBay daily for deals on venetia, and i haven't seen one for a long time that i loved, but i keep trying.
  7. I'd wear it in the fall.. who cares!!
  8. I love the small Venetia - Think I'm going to have to stalk ebay for a black one too! Then I'm on a purse ban:smile:
  9. Congrats on the baby venetia! Those things are just so darling!!
  10. Congrats on your baby venetia! I think that if you want to wear it now you should wear it! Depending on the weather and what else in your outfit it should look fine - and fall doesn't officially start until later this month anyway.
  11. Oh, she sounds pretty!! And too pretty to sit in a dustbag... I'd wear her all year round proudly! Those color rules don't matter anymore! :yes: