So happy to Reveal my European Haul!!!

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  1. Congrats on all your wonderful beauties! Amazing haul!

  2. Hey IF! I do plan to take better pics of Jaipur for the reference threads and will hopefully be adding some action shots soon too :biggrin:
    To clear up the question of two kellys, it truly was a miracle. The sellier was actually offered to my mom who lined up for me on another day.....she's my lucky charm!!
  3. Perfect score!
  4. Well done and big Congrats on all your goodies and obviously the 2 Kellys.
    Rose J is stunning with ghw and Twinsies on the Etoupe, it is my favourite😍

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  5. Well that is amazing! Both of you were lucky at the Mothership!!!
    I can't wait to see more pics. This color is peaking my interest.... esp dying to see newly released bags in this color. And the twilly you bought is exactly what I would pick so I can't wait to see it in great lighting!!! ENJOY ALL YOUR GOODIES oxoxoxoxo
  6. OMG! Sooo maaaany pretties - and I'm just on page one!
    And I soooo looooove that Tyger Tyger CSGM especially!
  7. All of your new treasures are wonderful, but I am drooling over your moussie. What is the background color? Could you give us a shot of the tag? Any chance we could get a modeling shot?
  8. Wow- 2 Kellys [emoji7] Amazing! Congrats [emoji256][emoji322][emoji177] Got the big sis (K32 sellier Rose Jaipur) at FSH 2 weeks ago- it is a stunning color [emoji525] Seems to be the color of the season [emoji108]🏻
  9. Congrats to you and your mom - I basically adore everything you bought!!

    You guys could make a fortune bottling that Hermes luck!

    TWO KELLIES (totally lusting after both - but the Etoupe is one of my special crushes right now!!)

    I'm somewhat of a Hermes newbie so excuse my openmouthedness here;)!

    Agree with the modelling pics requests!
  10. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments!
  11. So glad you got this lovely color at fsh too. Have you used it since? I find the sellier in this size a bit compact, am looking forward to edit my items and take her out 😀
  12. I will post modelling pics soon... I am just so happy to have scored 2 beauties. I have a special crush on the etoupe too, it is my favourite h neutral
  13. Items from h stores in Europe don't seem to have the tag, none of my twillies, shawl and this moussie too don't have a tag. The background color Is black. I will post a mod shot on mouseline thread for you soon 😀
  14. The Tyger was my first purchase on the holiday. That's when I knew my h luck is shining bright!
  15. Yay isn't etoupe amazing! I would love to see how you style it
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