So happy to Reveal my European Haul!!!

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  1. fabulous goodies..congrats on your haul!
  2. Wow, 2 K. Very amazing.
  3. Wow an amazing haul!!! Two kellys?!?!?!?!?! Major major congrats!!!
  4. Amazing haul! Lucky girl get offered not just one but TWO beautiful Kelly bags! ��
  5. Congrats!! You are so lucky!! Love your Haul!!
  6. Beautiful haul..... Congrats and enjoy them.
  7. Now, that's Haul (emphasis on capital H).... wowsers!!
  8. My goodness gracious what a lovely surprise to see not one but TWOOOOO Kellys!!! Omg and this one.... I have to see in bright lighting with that twilly when you get a chance to take a breath from your amazing trip!! So many lovely goodies OMG you got the nicest silks too!!! UTW is amazing and u scored the best neutral CSGM too!!! Love your rodea and carmencita!!! Ms Etoupe is stunning with the GHW! What a haul dear I'm so happy for you! Do tell how u pulled off two K from FSH?!!!! Miracles to some of our ears!!!! :lol:
  9. Great shopping and hopefully many good memories from Paris and FSH. You picked some lovely accessories too. Lucky girl!!![emoji1]
  10. AAAAAMAZING! 2 Ks from FSH, TDF CSGM and those little goodies! All beautiful, enjoy!
  11. This is probably the first bag I've ever guessed correctly, lol. What a marvellous haul! A Sellier and Retourne in one trip! And I'm just green with envy with that Tyger Tyger! Congrats and wear them all in good health! :tup:
  12. :yahoo: Congratulations!!!!! What an amazing haul everything is just so classic and beautiful! :love: Love Etoupe and the Sellier just two stunning beauties! You will have to share pleeeeeeeease how you managed to score two Kellys so amazing. Congrats again!
  13. Lovely!! Congrats on some wonderful goodies to remember your trip by!

  14. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, this truly was a memorable trip finding different items at different stores and two amazing bags at FSH!
  15. Thankyou! Happy to be twins with you on these yummy twillies klynneann!
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