So Happy - My Bleu Nuit Kelly!

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  1. Haha, thank you very much, I'm so happy too! :smile:
  2. Thank you! :smile:
  3. Thanks, I love the design of this twilly!
  4. Thank you so much! :smartass:
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  5. Beautiful! Glad you finally got your dream bag!!!
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  6. I read your previous story and glad that u have a happy ending here.
    Congrats to your new baby! She is beautiful with the twilly you have chosen.
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  7. Thank you very much, I'm so happy with it! :smile:
  8. Love it! Congratulations on your beautiful Kelly!!
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  9. Congratulations on your happy ending and milestone! Blue Nuit is a very elegant blue!
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  10. #55 Jul 9, 2018
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    Oh, how lovely! May you truly enjoy this wonderful bag and - each time you look at it - remember that life has its ups and downs and this bag is a small celebration of great moments, of those who have already happened and of new ones yet to come...
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  11. Such a gorgeous classic :biggrin:
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  12. Thank you very much! :smile:
  13. Thank you so much, what a lovely comment! :flowers:
  14. Thank you! :smile:
  15. I love your happy ending dear. Congratulations and this is a great reward for your patience!:heart:
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