So Happy!! Hyperventilating Here!!

  1. Ladies!!!:lol::lol::lol:

    My brother and his girlfriend are heading to Milan for a business trip and my friend just told me that there is 12% VAT refund! I am going to get his girlfriend to help me buy the LVs there!
    Is there any limit on the number of LVs that can be bought in Milan? I am thinking of getting the:

    Denim Baggy PM (1 green, 1 blue)
    Damier Multiple Wallet (For lil bro)
    Damier Nolita

    Is there any other items that you ladies think would be more worth getting? Suggestions or advise vastly appreciated!:lol::lol::lol:
  2. I think its a good idea buying Baggy Gm 1 green 1 blue, love it so much!
  3. I wouldn''t buy two Baggy's but that's personal. I have some shoes is three different collors and i notice i found them less special because i have three of them.
  4. Hmm, u have a point there. Maybe I'm too excited but I really like the green and the regular blue. Maybe I should just stick with blue since it's easier to match clothes with? :worried:
  5. I suggest getting a 1 Baggy instead of 2 and get other cute accessories instead.
  6. well it depends in what you wear. i wear a lot of jeans and i will not even wear a jeans jacket because all the denim freaks met out because there will be different jeans tones. It also depends what you're gonna use it for... just in summer or the whole year
  7. why not a baggy and pleaty
  8. yeah i mean lv has such great products get 2 different bags as apposse to 2 of the same!
  9. If they are bringing back to the US, don't forget about the customs limits.
  10. Wow, you must be really excited! I heard that you can buy about 2 big items & 1 small item per passport holder. The price in Italy is about 30-40 Euros more expensive than the price listed on the LV website for France. However, it's still a great deal!
  11. Oooh that's awesome ! I'd probably only get one baggy though, and get some accessories and another bag.
  12. I second this. Have fun!!:biggrin:
  13. Even though theres a limit per passport. that is per store. so just hope milan has many LV shops! When i was in france i was extremely worried about customs but i managed to walk on by without any stops. i felt bad because that meant i could of bought more! I had bought an audra, manhattan pm, belem pm, a medium chanel cambon tote, a chanel classic, and a lancel. i forgot what the maximum dollar limit was before you get fined but i am so glad i didnt get stopped!

    ** Also, you dont get the 12% fully back. when you go to the office to get your refun, they ask you if you want it by credit and get 12% back or by cash and get 6% back, if im not wrong. I should had opted for the cash on the spot as it took forever to see the refun on my credit card and they even charged a fee so i got only about 7% back!
  14. If there is a limit of 2 bags and 1 accessory, I would say (out of the list of items you have settled on possibly getting in your original post) the Denim Baggy PM in khaki, Damier wallet for your brother, and the Nolita.

    Hope your brother enjoys his stay in Italy!
  15. You're lucky you didn't get caught by customs. I asked my friend to purchase the popincourt haut from Rome for me just few weeks ago. She got caught by customs though, and I ended up paying 15% tax + processing fee (Yes, way heavier taxes in Canada). :sad2: