So happy! Got a reply from quality control!


Which to get?

  1. Antigua again

  2. Get credit + save for Keepall 50 with strap

  3. Get credit + save for Black Le Tal

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  1. You might have seen my post about the discolouration on my Antigua. I went to Holt Renfrew on Saturday and my SA took pics of my bag to send to quality control. I have been going crazy these last few days thinking that they'll say its not a defect and that I'll have to live with it!

    Ofcourse today my SA calls me at the worse time when I'm completely naked, about to
    go into the shower! lol

    My SA said that quality control says that it is a defect and I can get a new bag! :yahoo: I also asked him if I could get store credit instead and he said that Holt Renfrew doesn't give store credit but if I take my bag to the Boutique at Hotel Vancouver, I could get store credit there! He asked the name of my SA at Hotel so he could pass on the information to her! So I am heading down this Thursday! :yahoo:

    I was sooo grumpy these last 2 days and now I'm :wlae: :happydance:

    So I have 3 options....

    #1 Get another Antigua exactly the same.
    #2 Get store credit and save for a Keepall 50 with strap
    #3 Get store credit and save for a black Le Tal

    As tempting as it is to use the store credit to get another bag, the thing is that the Antigua has been my most useful / used bag. Its the bag I take to work so if i give it up, I wont have a good work bag. What do you all think?
  2. I would get something different - just because I would worry that the same thing would happy to the new one I got....
  3. Get the keepall with the strap, it's so classic and you can use it whenever you travel.
    It just seems more practical than the antigua.
  4. Yep, I agree...I'd save to get something different.
  5. I voted for saving for Suhali. Whenever it comes up in a choice, I always choose it. Must be because I want one too! :smile:
  6. Suhali! Suhali! Suhali! :nuts:
  7. Suhali all the way! I'm too paranoid to bring an LV to work.
  8. That's great news, Arnott! So glad that LV came through for you!

    I agree I wouldn't get the same Antigua again for fear of the same defect :sad: Can't really vote for keepall or le tal, cos I prefer a carryall or a lockit, hehe.

    Edit: Ah, just read again and saw your comment about using for work. Do you feel that the Suhali might be too dressy or expensive for work? I agree the Antigua is great as a understated workhorse, hmm, how about something in Damier or Epi (though I think Epi is a vast difference from the squishiness of the Antigua)
  9. I voted for the Le Tal, but after reading your post... I say get another antigua. Its a great everyday bag.
  10. Hmmm...this is a tough one especially since one of your choices is a Suhali. However, you said that you have used your Antigua a lot for work so I think it's best that you get another Antigua. If the defect happens again, you know that LV will definitely be accommodating to your needs so that really eliminates the worry you might have. Good luck!!
  11. I just phoned both my aunts and asked for their opinion, and they both said to get another Antigua, because its my only LV that I really use on a regular basis.

    One of my aunts was saying, "Do you want a bag you can use everyday, or a Keepall you use once a year?"

    So I think I'm going to get another Antigua, as long as its made in France like the one I have. It'll have to be tranferred from Alberta though, because there are no more brown ones in Vancouver.

    And if the defect happens again, THEN I will get the store credit!
  12. Nice - I'm glad that you're getting another one ! :yes:
  13. I would get the Antigua again since they say they are going to discontinued it why not ? other still can wait...:tup: so you should get back one...
  14. Hey Arnott, glad to hear that they reply u promptly and it's a good news!:yahoo: What colour do they have left in Hotel? I know that they sold out the brown ones.

    I actually voted option 3...but I mean since antigua is ur daily bag, I would go for another antigua...since now you and they know it's a can always get the store credit when the new one is going crazy on you again:s but keep fingers cross that it won't happen!

    I'm all excited for you now!!:dothewave:
  15. I vote for the Antigua. Actually I had called Grace a couple of weeks ago to ask about its availability. But I was told that they didn't have the colour I was looking for.
    Are you sure you want one in brown again, though? Last time I heard that they had a pink one in Quebec/Montreal and I think it's a nice colour too.