So Happy and then SO SAD :(

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  1. Got this today @ Wrentham

    It is SO gorgeous. As I shopped today I thought if it in my bag.. wrapped in tissue paper. I thought about what a DEAL I got on it (20% off of $109). I was so HAPPY!

    Well here's where it takes a turn for the worst. I got home. Opened up my package to examine my lovely beauty. Opened up one of the inside zippers and what do I see???? A DAMAGE TAG!!
    It says that it was supposed to be 50% off and final sale. It says that the fabric is pulling away from the frame. I then immediately notice the problem and am SO angry.
    They had 2 this morning and I called the outlet back and the other one was GONE.
    They did tell me I can come back and either get the price adjusted down for the 50% off or I can return it.
    But i'm SO upset - the damn thing is GORGEOUS.

    So I inquired about having it repaired but he said most likely not -- they'll look at it but they probably won't be able to send it out.

    My elation has turned to sadness :sad:
  2. This happend to me once with a handbag and no one noticed the final sale stamp on the creed until AFTER it had been sent for repair. Coach repairs called and said they could not repair it because it was final sale - and I was like final sale what?????
    So coach had already fedexed the bag back to me, when it came back I went to get the price adjustment at the outlet AND they sent it in to get fixed anyway.
  3. Ouch! And I love that wristlet, too...
  4. Wow! Sorry to hear about that.

    I've never come across an item with a damage tag.

    Are you going to take it in to have the price adjusted down or are you going to return it?
  5. i was just so happy to find it, I didn't examine it.. I grabbed it.. . I was with a friend and we had already been in the store quite a while. I have TOTALLY learned my lesson now -- i will always look in every pocket!
  6. Sorry to hear about that. The framed wristlet is gorgeous.
    The SA that I shopped with in Philly, said that they were discontinued for some type of defect.

  7. I think I will return it. 50% off the $109 isn't a bad price but looking at it closeley the problem will only get worse over time (fabric tearing away from the frame)

    i'm so mad at myself for not looking at it closer :sad:
  8. Don't blame yourself - Shopping at Coach Wrentham is always such a frenzy.
  9. I have that wristlet and I use it EVERY day in my Mandy! It's one of my favorite things!

    Let us know what happens! So sorry!:sad:
  10. Sorry to hear that, maybe when you return it you will find another one.
  11. Does that seem dishonest to put the tag inside? Shouldn't it be more obvious?
  12. Sorry to hear that!!!! It is an extremely cute.

    I may go to the Wreatham tomorrow.
  13. BTW, that guy is never really nice on the phone. Talk to the ladies to see if there is anything they can do.
  14. Yeah, shouldn't the final sale and 50% be more obvious? Not only was she sold an item that was defective but she wasn't given the discount. That doesn't sound right.

    Finzup: I'm so sorry. That was a gorgeous item!
  15. I would be so upset too!
    I really want this wristlet as well. I can only imagine how happy you were to find it and then to find out it was damaged I would be sad too.