So Hapi together!!!

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  1. I am so pleased to introduce my newest H acquisition in my absolute favorite color/hardware combination. :heart:
    image-2922742143.jpg image-3759192994.jpg image-359570517.jpg image-741802041.jpg image-2506033706.jpg image-3253776909.jpg
  2. Very nice, congrats on the new goodie.
  3. Congrats!! Absolutely a lovely classic piece!!
  4. Congrats . . .
  5. Fabulous look! Understated and chic with a bit of an edge.
  6. This looks great together! Job well done! Great styling!!!
  7. Very nice, congrats! :tup:
  8. Love the new goodie, congrats!
  9. Congrats! I can't wait to get my own as well. I always think black is too 'harsh' a colour so I never think of getting one but now I'm kinda rethinking it. Enjoy!
  10. I like the last picture and how both look together. Will look great especially in the winter months. It's starting to get cooler and I've seen a number of these paired with cream cashmere sweaters already.
  11. Exquisite!! I want a Hapi someday myself!
  12. I'm sure the contrast is striking. That's a great idea...
  13. Thanks. I think black is very chic and you can always make a less severe statement with brighter colors in the stack.
  14. Thank you.
  15. Thank you!