SO gUYz...wHat'S thE duMBeSt tHinG yOu'vE eVeR dOne???

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  1. What. Coldstone cake batter ice cream has changed my life for the better.
  2. I did a variation of #2 as well. Fell deeply in love and thought my very close friend was my dream guy. It took me FIVE years to snap out of it. We stayed really good friends throughout and even after i snapped out of it.

    the sad thing is when I went through a huge rut about 9 months ago, he wasn't supportive and wasn't there for me at all. I put in so much time and energy into that friendship and I was totally there for him when he was going through a rough patch and i'm really disappointed with the way he acted when i was going through the rough patch. =(

  3. lol. stephanie, i was like WTF! Why is she typin like that!!!

  4. cake batter ice cream is just plain wrong. It is unnatural and it should be baked and covered with marshmallow frosting.
  5. waiting two years for my now ex-husband to figure himself out and come home:s....apparently his secretary 18 years his junior had the answer all along:rolleyes:...wonder how long she'll wait when he becomes befuddled, it's all good though, turned out those two years i learned so much about myself and i'm in a million times better place now:yes:...everything for a reason...
  6. Oh God, I could write a book of the dumb stuff I've done.

    The most famous one would be falling into a trash can:shame:. I was 14 or so, and I was running towards my Mom's car, but I turned my head to say something to my best friend who was behind me-I didn't see the trashcan and took a header right into it.

    My sister and best friend *still* bring it up to this day anytime the three of us are in the same room!!!
  7. That just reminded me of something I did as a kid. It was when those rubber spiders came out that you threw at the wall and they crawled down. A kid in a pushchair had one and I was so busy watching this child and wishing I had one that.....I walked straight into a lampost!! To make matters worse, I did the same thing a matter of months later......:wtf:
  8. Great thread.:tup:
    I have done numerous dumb things throughout my life which I now regret!!!:yes:
    But hey, live and learn, huh?
    #1 I am too trusting and sensitive.

    But personally the worst and dumbest thing I ever did was waste 30 long years of my life longing for a relationship and for the approval of a "parent" who wanted nothing to do with his mistake/me:confused1:.
    .... and wearing acid wash jeans in 1990 was pretty dumb too!
  9. 1. Doing drugs and drinking when I was 15-20 (basically everything except for heroin; which if I didn’t smart up I probably would have tried eventually). When I was 20 I started experiencing panic attacks and knew it was because of doing drugs and messing my head up so much (plus tons of guilt), so that totally freaked me out and I completely quit. No drugs, no drinking, no smoking still to this day. I stayed in my house for a year straight, had to go on Paxil and didn’t do anything. I also lost all my friends because they were still doing drugs and drinking. Even though experiencing those panic attacks was the hardest thing I’ve been through and I felt like I was losing my mind, I am glad I got them because it probably saved my life. One of my best friends in high school who I first started drinking and doing drugs with OD’ed and died about 2 months ago.

    2. I got kicked out of high school my junior year. I just didn't want to go and wanted to party instead. Luckily I was smart enough to finish at a continuation school and had to go one day a week, but it would have been nice to graduate from HS and attend reunions.

    3. Paying off $5000 worth of debt and then using my credit cards again. Seriously soooo dumb!
  10. staying in a relationship for nearly two years, when i knew from the second i met him that he was a horrible person.

    taking time off from school to work full time to support the above a-hole.

    paying off all the credit cards...only to have them completely maxed out 3 months later- and moreso, since they increased my credit limits once they were paid off.

    thinking that touch up paint would cover where i hit my car...uhm. yeah. it doesn't.

    trying, "just for fun" to see how long i can drive once my gas light comes on...note: it's not as far as you think...

    lying on a job application and saying i was fluent in french. (i'm not). needless to say, they found out.

    getting drunk (as in, can barely walk and make a coherent sentence) and telling a cop he was hot and did he want to make out?...:Push:
  11. ok, i wish i could have been a fly on the wall to see this played out..sounds hysterical...for me, not for you, at the time, i'm sure....:roflmfao:
  12. Oooh, fun thread! I can't post on the smartest thing because I feel like I'm too naive :shame:. But anyway:

    1.) Never confronted my ex roommates/friends about their problems with me. They basically ignored me on my last weeks together...I knew they were talking trash about me, but I never had the guts to tell them. Luckily, I cut things off with them completely, but I wish I did it sooner.

    2.) Staying infatuated with a guy who did drugs everyday and treated me like garbage because he knew I liked him (this was about a couple years ago). I don't know what I was thinking, but when I look back on it, I wished I wasn't so stupid. I think it had a lot to do with me trying to get over another person, and this new guy filled the void. Ugh!!!! Never again!

    3.) Getting drunk nearly every weekend one summer because someone didn't like me (person I just mentioned). You should never get drunk over anyone, esp. a man!!! Unless they're related to you/your spouse and they died. :rolleyes:

    4.) Staying in a crappy job too long (my first clerical position) and having my passive aggressive boss take advantage of my naivete. Jerk.
  13. i'm glad you're having fun with this, mick. :P

    i think i assumed that it would never come up...and that i could bs my way through with the french classes i took in hs and the ones i took the first few years of college. and, well...i didn't retain as much as i thought.

    let's just say that if you're going to work for a company, make sure the don't have international clients. and make sure you have retained more than french curse words...hehe.
  14. oh yes, you amused me this evening, thanks pal!;)
  15. :yes:
    wow! you so surprised me with not the person you are today!:flowers: