SO gUYz...wHat'S thE duMBeSt tHinG yOu'vE eVeR dOne???

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  1. This is a lot harder than the one about the smartest thing.

    There are so many wonderful contestants for the title of dumbest thing I've ever done that I am having a hard time picking just one, especially since I would need to think of one that I could post here without alerting Interpol.
  2. ^LMAO!

    I would have to say my TOP dumbest things are:

    (hm...interesting...they all happened in high school! LOL)

    1--filling my Mom's Camry with Diesel fuel!

    2--falling deeeeeeeeply in love with my best friend's brother from my Freshman Year in high school to part of my Freshman Year in College...I wasted sooo much time and energy on him...
  3. I was really hung over one morning and after I pumped my own gas I drove away...with the hose still attached!! Talk about embarrassing.

    the gas station attendant was laughing his ass off and it was all I could to laugh as well. whaddyagonnado?

    BTW those hoses are designed to break away like a lizard dropping its tail under stress, so there is no risk of gas leaking.
  4. ^Oh I always wondered about that!

    Thank goodness! I am just waiting until I do that! LOL
  5. ^^ yeah, couture that's the one thing I DID learn that morning...and the gas station guy kept saying "wow, I'd never seen that happen IRL before..." sheesh.
  6. I also failed my driver's test twice (the behind-the-wheel one). Funny, because I passed the written test with 100% correct on the first try. I guess I was just too nervous those first two times.

    When I was 20, I got into a car with an unlicensed driver. I wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and she t-boned another vehicle. Luckily, I only got a bump on the head. I always wore seatbelt after that. A seatbelt saved me 3 years later when I was in a rollover accident. Always wear your belts, people!

    I didn't do this, but I felt like a fool for not thinking up a way to prevent it. My sister came over one night to play Wii with me. We were playing the bowling game in Wii Sports. She swung the remote and it flew right out of her hand and crashed into my brand new LCD TV. She got so upset, she puked! The reason I blame myself is because I didn't point out the fact that there was a cincher on the wrist strap that allows the user to tighten it around the wrist. I got a new TV, and I had a glass cutter cut me a custom sized piece of acrylic that fits perfectly over my TV screen. If any Wii remotes go flying into it, it won't hurt anything. I wish I had done that in the first place. Oh well... The screwed up thing is that the Wii remote that hit the TV didn't have a scratch on it.

  7. LMAO!! :roflmfao:
  8. Oh, tattoos.

    And I am too emotional. That can be bad sometimes. Causes me to make choices for the wrong reasons...
  9. haha!!! nerd yer funny-

    the dumbest thing I've ever done was ASSUME.

    how does it go? If we assume we only make an ass out of u and me?

  10. ^-- heehee- *get it*

    assume--- ass--u--me?

    slappin my leg--- too much diet dr. pepper TOOONIGHT!! haha!!
  11. Oohh, I bet that was one expensive mistake! My neighbor just did this, but the other way around. She put regular fuel in her Diesel, lmao!
  13. oh and there is one big mistake i regret until today, there was one time that i was young and got upset to my dad, because of silly thing.... he was already sick and got cancer at that time, and now my dad has gone, i felt very very very bad:crybaby::crybaby:......
  14. I don't know, nerdphanie. I saw the words "cake batter ice cream" and started yelling "LIFE MISTAKE" at the monitor before I even read the spongebob part...
  15. Failed one of my A Levels because I thought the exam was in the afternoon and it had been that morning :shame: