SO gUYz...wHat'S thE duMBeSt tHinG yOu'vE eVeR dOne???

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  1. I liked frozen_alaska's thread, so copying it! Though this is a bit less empowering...

    Typing in alternating caps.

    j/k ;)

    I failed my first driving test in less than 1 minute.
    I ordered cake batter ice cream with "strawberries and spongebob" mixed in.
    I left my cell phone in a taxi in Japan. Lost that thing.
    I missed a final last quarter because I was too lazy to check the syllabus.

    Just a small sampling. Thankfully, no life mistakes yet.
  2. oh nerdie my list is waaaayyyy too long to post! I'll have to do it over coffee in the morning....
  3. #1. Like everyone at some stage of their lives fell in love with the wrong person.

    #2 Stayed far too long with that person in an emotional, mental, and physically abusive relationship.

    #3 Fought back one night and got arrested.
  4. Made that illegal U-turn at 2:30 in the AM knowing there was a cop right up the street. And in case you're wondering what I was doing out at 2:30 AM, so was the cop---and it turned out to be, leaving a bar! You can guess the rest of the story.
  5. OH i had barely anything to contribute to alaska's thread but BOY do i have lots to add here.

    let's start!

    1. getting out of school too soon thinking the working world was better

    2. Being too naive and idealistic. thinking that reality was greater than perception. WRONG. Perception is greater than reality...

    3. Stepped on too many toes and got into the political **** list of really important people at one company.... who made my life hell...and continue to do so whenever they can....

    4. between 2 jobs, taking the one my head told me to instead of going with my heart.

    5. again between 2 jobs, taking the wrong one. in my defense, the job description failed to mention that the job came with 1 boss from hell and 1 boss who knew less than i did. LOL

    6. Putting myself in a position which gave guy opportunity to reel me into an abusive situation.

    7. Staying in a relationship way too long and not SPRINTING when there were signs that the guy was just stringing me along. Now, 4yrs later, i have learnt and found that out but boy am i bitter, angry and hurt.

    8. not buying an apartment earlier. now i can't afford one! BOOO HOOO

    that's all for now. more later!
  6. 1. Failed my drivers test twice (I never leared how to paralell park)
    2. Being a complete sl*t in high school and letting every man who was interested take advantage of the situation.
    3. Letting my EXbestfriend walk all over me.
  7. what a cute thread nerd!

    some of mine:

    1. trying to get an obvious playboy to be my 'real' boyfriend (looooong time ago)

    2. ignoring warning signs about a good 'friend' (ignored my mom's advice)

    3. Being too open with my my private stuff talked about in the whole office!

    4. Crashed my bmw when some guys tried to have me 'race' with them.. (no one was hurt but it was bad)..looking back, I still feel sooooo stupid!!!
  8. Oh God, the dumb things I have done so far outnumber the smart ones but probably the dumbest thing ever was..

    when I asked "How do you get a cold in the summer?"
  9. Oh man...I've made so many bad choices on a large scale ranging from miniscule to downright asinine.
    I'm a slow learner I guess...

    (But, I could follow up on the the best thread with....I thank God for forgiveness, the ability to count my blessings when I was down and out...and for the ability to actually learn from my mistakes...even if it took me a few times of learning with some of them!)
  10. omg so many.....sigh...where to begin..

    1) my ex bf (one right before meeting my DH). he was such an A-hole..theres no words..:cursing:

    2) not listening to my daddy and drove my 18 yr old birthday present (mercedes slk convertible) in the rain and it was flooded and totaled..sigh..i was so stupid!!!

    3) trusting others who were not trustworthy.

    4) loving someone who didnt deserve my love, and stabbed me in the back..
  11. Oh boy... Although i've done some pretty stupid things I am REALLY glad that I learned from them and it has made me who I am.

    1) Done drugs. It was when I was 14 or something (nothing hardcore) but it was still a very stupid thing to do.

    2) My very first tattoo when I was 15. Good thing I had found a REALLY good artist for the rest of my tattoos and got it beautifully covered.

    3) Took back someone who cheated on me and then turn around and do it again.

    4) Trying to be friends with someone who obviously does not give 2 sh*ts about you.

    5) When I got into my first real serious relationship all I did was want to spend time with him. I basically ditched all my friends on the weekend - good thing they still love me and we see each other weekly. :smile:
  12. If I told you, I'd have to kill you. :graucho:
  13. oh no, there are enough:

    1. having a terrible, now ex, best friend who basically got me right where she wanted for too many years
    2. being too easily manipulated to live up to group ideas, instead of just moving on (in the past)
    3. a couple of dumb car accidents - never bad ones where anyone got hurt, just me and all sorts of metal devices = big scratches and dents...
    4. leaving home and going totally overboard on the expenditure side....
  14. got my nipple pierced. ouch
  15. Playing dumb all the time, so now everyone thinks I'm actually dumb.

    And telling too many lies. I think I have a chronic lying problem or something.