so gross thinking about giving my puppy away

  1. we got a 4 month old red mini pinscer and i cant et her to stop humping my 11 month old son when hes crawling has grossed me out so much i am thinking about giving her away..
  2. Sounds like she thinks she is dominant to your child, which should never be allowed to happen. Why not get a squirt gun or bottle and when she does it, say OFF!!!!! (using what I call "The Voice of Doom") and squirt her. All she needs is a little leadership and training. If at all possible, get her in a puppy training class ASAP. It will really help her to know her place with you and her place in the family. I'm serious- get her into a class. You won't regret it.
  3. Yikes. You may want to get your puppy fixed as soon as the vet say he/or she is old enough. My male pug went through a humping phase as a puppy, but as soon as he was fixed he stopped. Some toy breeds like to hump. You may want to buy your puppy a large stuffed animal to be its humpy bear.
  4. I guess it was just frightening seeing a dog hump my baby as he was crawling..i mean my son had no idea she was even doing anything..but should i be worried about the dog attacking him in an angry way in the future?
  5. Yikes! I'm sure that's scary to see. I would definitely get the dog fixed ASAP as raging hormones are probably playing a part. After that, it's just a matter of putting the dog in its place. Teach the dog it's not acceptable to hump by either using a strong "NO" or "OFF". If that isn't working, the squirt bottle chessmont recommended should help too. Some obedience classes to make sure that the dog knows the chain of command might be helpful too. Good luck and I hope you can get the pup in line soon. :heart:
  6. I agree with getting the puppy some training. Can't blame the animal if it is not taught properly.
  7. she thinks she's dominate... it's not a hormonal/sexual thing. i don't think that spaying her is going to stop her from humping, however spaying is a must. you're going to have to train her not to hump. don't get rid of her, she just needs some training.

  8. I agree. To them humping isn't neccesarily sexual. Even without training they often outgrow it, but definitely train her not to do it and she'll stop.
  9. I can see how that can be troubling, but in my opinion not something to give the dog away for. definately get it fixed and the squirt bottle idea is great, the dog can learn not to do this anymore and learn it's place in the "pack"
  10. ^^ ITA. Breaks my heart to think of the dog being given away when it doesn't know it's doing anything wrong. I know it seems "gross" but as another poster said, it's not necessarily sexual, it is an assertion of dominance in doggy language. There are lots of great resources on the internet about this, as well as in dog training books you can find at your library. Please give this dog a chance to relearn and readjust the behavior before giving him up.
  11. ITA. If people are not prepared to care for another LIFE, they should not have adopted in the first place. :rolleyes:
  12. ITA. Seems kinds of strange to want to toss out your pet over something so trivial.
  13. you may have to keep them separated
  14. Agree COMPLETELY. But then again, I'm beginning to think the OP may not be a very good pet owner if the first thought is "give my pet away" versus "train my pet to behave." Whatever she does, I hope she doesn't just dump the dog or stick it in a pound. For goodness sake, he's still just a puppy.
  15. Sorry, but this is not a good suggestion. The OP may take that to mean, "put the dog in a crate" or "fence off the dog in the kitchen." This is a behavior that needs to be discouraged: ignoring it by seperating the toddler and the dog seems ridiculous, in my opinion. Is she going to keep them seperated forever until the toddler grows into a child?