So Glad to be Back!!!

  1. I have been going through withdraws without the Bbag forum. I'm so glad it's back up and I look forward to hearing from everyone and seeing some new pics. :yahoo:

    Has anyone gotten one of the new F/W bags yet?

    PS: Thank you to the mods for making the Bal Forum look great!
  2. congrats for you guys. I don't visit this forum but I did notice it was closed for what seems like forever and I felt bad for you guys. Hopefully your withdrawls will subside and you'll be back to normal chatting it up in no time!!
  3. I'm with you Chuggie- I missed this place!!
  4. Thanks mods!:yes:
  5. Mods thanks for getting the Bal Forum looking great and back up :smile:
    I was having major withdrawls also.

    BNY called me on Monday that my Steel City has arrived. I dont get paid until friday so my SA is holding it for me until then to charge send.
  6. i don't frequent the b forum, but when i needed it, it wasn't available...well, it is good that it's back up. (i still miss the other blog that detailed every single nook and cranny of these bags) thx
  7. I hear ya Chuggie! Thanks mods!!!
  8. I am so glad that the forum is back!! Was going through some serious withdrawals...........
  9. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Whew! Didn't realize how addicted I am to this's great to have it back up and running! A big thanks to the mods.........this place looks AWESOME!!!!::tup:
  10. WOW....I've had a quick tour of the new style bal forum, and I am suitably impressed.:amazed::tup:

    Personally I would like to thank :flowers: :love: all the people in the background who have quite clearly gone to a lot of work to make this a valuable resource. :happydance:

    And I am pleased to say...the shakes are subsiding from my quick fix!!:tpfrox:
  11. Hello everyone! How was your Bal-less weekend?
    And hi, new mods!
  12. Yayyyyy!
  13. I really missed this place :crybaby: I'm so pleased it's back:supacool: don't ever do that to me again!!:nuts:
  14. OMG, the colors by season reference section is great! Love the idea of seeing, for each color, differents pics,of different styles, taken with different lighting!

    Thanks Jag, thanks mods for all you efforts. Also thank you to all the members who participated.:tender:
  15. I was wondering how you all survive for the last few days. I'm glad it's back up.