...so glad I went preloved.....

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  1. While out with my little one, he gave me his bball and insisted I put
  2. it in my bag so I don't lose it.......

    Sorry post was cut in half....still getting use to the app.....

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  3. Haha that's so cute :smile:

    And that bag looks pretty good for pre-loved! It might be the flash but it doesn't look like the vachetta has much patina yet
  4. Its the flash, but the vachetta is still on the light side....so pretty happy with it.
  5. Cute! That basketball really fills it up... can't say it is 'never' full anymore!:lol:
    I went pre-loved with my NF too and have always been happy that it is a "ready for anything" kind of bag.
  6. too cute...
  7. So cute! :amuse:
  8. Congratulations, love the Neverfull.
  9. haha - def one positive to pre-loved ;)
  10. So cute!
  11. +1
  12. Lol, I miss those days. Mine son is all grown up now, but isn't it great that you can carry such a cute bag that is also so darn useful? Loved your post. : )
  13. Totally sweet!!! That just proves what a GREAT Mommie you are! !!:smile1
  14. Hahaha....it was definitely full.....hahaha....
  15. .I'm glad you like the post....just thought everyone might like to see in real life action....although I love the glamour shoots too....and this bag is totally useful..I love it......