So glad I passed on that bag!!

  1. I think we've all done it at some time or other. You want a bag for sooo long and for whatever reason you don't end up buying it. Then it turns out you are SO glad you didn't buy it because it was never something you really wanted OR you ended up wanting something else more.
    This was me a few months ago. I wanted a Kooba Marcelle and all I did was look at it online and often times I almost ordered it! There was always something holding me back. Enough time passed and I didn't get the bag. Today I am SO glad I didn't because as nice a bag as it may be, it is not really my style. I would never have used it and my money would have been wasted.
    Anyone else care to share on their "I'm so glad I didn't get it" bag? I'm sure there are lots of stories out there!
  2. Nope, all the bags I've passed on, I've eventually kicked myself for, as they go out of season and never to be seen again! lol..I've done that with other things though likr, game platforms (old nintendo DS, I almost got it and then put it back and poof, 4 months later the DS Lite comes out!), DVD box sets (they go on sale later) so on and so forth :smile:
  3. I felt like you towards the Kooba too, how ironic!!
    I'm glad I never got the Jimmy Choo "Romana" bag.
    A few Isabella Fiore bags come to mind :smile:
    Michael Kors wickered tote, and the MJ Bowler!! I bought and took it back to the store 6 times HeeHe
  4. And the MJ Stam to!l!!
    Let me add the Betsey Johnson "Good Girl bag !
  5. The Eclipse from LV....I thought that it was the bag to have and then got into another style and now Im like.....what was I thinking......:lol:
  6. you know, i did this recently with a botkier bianca. it's just a stunning bag, but i'd only seen the large IRL. when i finally tried out the size i wanted (medium) IRL, i think it would be a PIA to carry. the straps don't go over the shoulder, which would annoy me. plus, it has the double strap AND a closure flap over the zipper, so it would definitely be a production to get into the bag. i still think it's completely gorgeous, but now i know it's not a bag i would have been happy with.

    still completely yummy, though...i have to go over and 'pet' the leather every time i see one in a store :smile:
  7. Like Keykey36, I'm also glad I never bought the Ramona.

  8. Keykey,

    May I ask why you don't like the Jimmy Choo Ramona anymore?
    I want that bag so badly that I sometimes lose sleep over it. :yucky:
    I need some good reasons to help me get over this one. :lol:
  9. I really wanted a MJ Venetia forever, I still sort of want one. For YEARS I yearned for one, I watched every auction on ebay, it was ridiculous. I couldn't bring myself to pay the $600+ for one on ebay (boy, have times changed!! :nuts: ). Besides the cost I was worried that it would be too heavy and not hold as much stuff as my Coach Hamptons tote, and I was right on both accounts. The bag is just impractical for me. I still love the way they look, but I am glad that I never bought one.
  10. Put it this way, all kooba and all aside, the only one I regret is the chanel valentine.
  11. I was desperate for an Anna Corinna bag but after reading all of the issues with the quality here on the forum...I think I saved myself a lot of heartache!
  12. hahaha i often feel like this too! i was lusting after a white on black Chanel Cambon medium tote bag for a long time (i had the pic on my wallpaper, i kept looking at the ads, etc.) it was sickening! but then the bag became unappealing to me after i tried on a black lambskin classic medium flap and the east/west bag w/ the same material. i was in love. thank God I didnt drop $1200 on a tote that highschoolers use!
  13. Luella Gisele
  14. Ohh, I love mine, still regret not getting it in pink!

    Most of the time it's the opposite for me I regret the bag I didn't get.
  15. I was like that with the LV Papillon 30. I just didn't have enough $ at that time when I was obsessing about it. When I did finally get to see it in person, I didn't want a bag that I would be afraid to squish under my arm.