So glad I made the switch! (Pics)....

  1. I got my first LV in December and I love it! So, I got two more....Hampstead and Pomme Brentwood. However, I was unsure about both of them. I love the Hampstead, but I have a real thing about how a bag feels in your hand, and for me the Hampstead handles were a bit large/sharp. And, the Pomme, I love, but the one I got (that Saks ordered in) had dents (they said they would flatten out, but it bothered me) and then I questioned how much I would really use the red. So.....I exchanged for a Berkeley and a Pearle Brentwood. Yea! :yahoo: :yahoo: I am so glad that I decided to exchange. I think that these work better for me and now I totally LVoe my new collection. LV ban for me (just until my bday in two months!). Thanks again to all of those who encouraged to "exchange if you don't totally love"! :tup:
    CIMG2565.jpg CIMG2567.jpg
  2. Congrats, you have a perfect collection. I'm loving that Black MC Griet.
  3. They are Lovely.. great choices!!!
  4. Very good decision you made there! I love your new items better than the first ones. I love how structured the berkeley is and that brentwood looks perfect in that color.
  5. love you new collection~
  6. Good choice. I have seen someone with a Perle Brentwood once and I almost stalked that person. It's so classy and pretty IRL. Love your collection too especially the Pomme wallet.
  7. love the pomme! you have a beautiful collection. cheers!
  8. your bags! great variety...your next bag should be a mono! i see a lockit H or manhattan pm for you. LOL
  9. good decisions!
  10. Great collection! I'm glad you exchanged and got something you will LOVE!!
  11. Congrats! you have a nice collection!
  12. LOVE the Berkeley, unfortunately is was soooo wide under my arm. BUT the Berkeley is SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful, congrats!
  13. good idea to switch, that's gorgeous :smile:
  14. Your Bags are GORGEOUS!!!
  15. Love your babies! Congratulations!