So, given that the MP is closed....

  1. Where do you gals think is the best place to buy a new city bag? I have seen so many variations in the prices in the MP, so also, what do they retail for? Thanks.
  2. uhhh...what's MP? (is it something totally obvious that's going to make me feel like a doofus? :huh: )
  3. Abby - the Marketplace :smile:

    As for buying new city bags, they retail for $1195 I think?!? You can try Balenciaga New York.
  4. MP = marketplace?

    Retail is $1195. Try Aloha Rag or Balenciaga NY?
  5. Ahhhh...thanks :amuse: I think I would've guessed "market price", although I don't usually hear handbags described like seafood :lol:.
  6. Is it true Aloha Rag does not charge tax?
  7. Not yet, but it is getting that way...:lol:
  8. Yes, no tax
  9. Why is the MP closed??
  10. BalNY also don't charge sales tax if the bag is shipped out of NY state :smile:
  11. I bought an Emerald Green city from Aloha Rag last week, it arrived in
    3 days (they ship Fed ex for free!) they are super nice to deal with! No
    tax, comes in the beautiful giant Balenciaga box :smile:
  12. I do not think it's impossible to find an authentic one on ebay, although I would be VERY VERY careful. Post links here for input and also check
    She's a member of this forum and spots ebay B'bags and posts the links.