So Get This ......

  1. I am at work and my husband just calls me to tell me I got a package from BalNY and "what did I buy now?" UH .... honestly, NOTHING that I know of !!! He says well, I had to sign for a box from UPS ..... :shrugs:
    I just checked my CC online and there aren't any charges or pending charges ....

    I DID call and INQUIRE about a Magenta Day and asked the SA to call me when they came in .... Do you think she just SENT me one? :wtf:
  2. not unless she had your cc info already....curious!
  3. well..... hurry home and see what's in it! Could your husband be playing a trick on you? Does he just want you to hurry home? :p
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao: That could be it!! Perhaps your LE Magenta that you cancelled months ago has finally arrived?!!?! HAHA!! Hey! Maybe it's a box of tassels in assorted colors :upsidedown: Hurry home! We need to know!!!!
  5. They DO have my CC info from previous purchases ..... but so far there are no charges on my account

    No, he wasn't playing a trick! He wouldn't even know how to SAY Balenciaga unless he was reading it off of the box - LOL! and I DID get a message from UPS last night to expect a package, but I thought it was a pair of Burberry boots that I had ordered for my DD for Christmas from Nordsrtom's

  6. :lol:

    If I could get outta here now I sure would! Stuck here for another hour and 10 minutes though :push:
  7. Secret admirer perhaps?!!
  8. I love the excitement and drama! Make sure we get an update...

  9. OOOHHH!! Now wouldn't that be fun? LOL!! :p
  10. Can you ask him to open it? The suspense is KILLING me! :wtf:
  11. I keep refreshing this thread! I need to know:lol:
  12. the suspense is killing me!
  13. i thought i came to this thread when all had been revealed...........................................................nope! i really wanna know too.
  14. ^^ OMG I want to know too! The thing is, I would just keep checking my cc statement to see if a charge occurs and if it doesn't after a month, I'd use the bag (whatever it is!!). Heck, its their mistake! Unless it is something that you asked about a while back and its only now being sent to you....

    But that doesn't explain the non charge yet.

    Update us!!
  15. how weird!!!! Keep us updated!!!!!