So galliera=So casual=So chic.. what you think?

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  1. Its summer here in Manila and I found so many ways to dress up and dress down my cute hobo... If I may.... I want to share some pics....:idea: she looks good w/ shorts and havianas too:tup:

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  2. It is so cute on you. i was about to get one today but decided to go back and look at it again tomorrow with my friend. Now seeing it on you makes me want to get it even more.
  3. you rock that bag well!!!! looks like you enjoying it, im happy for you!
  4. You look awesome! Great style you got!:tup:
  5. ^^^ hey go get one! I really think its an all around bag I used it the other day on corporate attire and oh my... it loooks awesome!:yes:
  6. It looks great on you! I haven't taken mine out yet.
  7. It looks fabulous on you! and havianas are the bestttt flip flops!
  8. Wow you really get me into galliera I want one ;)
  9. Looks great on you!
  10. off the topic... I adore havs!!! and crocs too...don't you just love it when you can pair an expensive purse w/ a not so expensive footwear???:heart:
  11. Hi! Very nice! Is LV the same price/lower in PI than in Canada?? Do alot of people there buy LV?
  12. :yes:I totally agree that it goes with anything. Be it flip flops, tees and shorts or shirt, pants and heels.

    Ps: looks great on you :tup:
  13. yes allot of people here in manila are LV fans , and yes it alot EXPENSIVE here watever the US price of the purse its plus $100-200 dollars here or even more we have the same pricing as that of Japan... but at least we dont pay tax for the bag.. guess tha's why its more expensive here...
  14. Great pics! Looks great on you! I was just checking it out last Saturday with Nathan & Lorraine and we absolutely adored it. Love the softer canvas and the inside looks fabulous!

    I was in Manila 17 years ago... didn't see a lot of LV's at that time... I wonder how it is now? :s
  15. oh Lv boutique here in manila is not that big and fancy,,, only one for the phil that why it gets crowded on weekends... very expensive here as well