So funny!!! Fake Report #3586

  1. So, tonight while in the fine jewelry section at Nordstrom, I saw this really snobby-acting woman carrying a fake Speedy 25. She was really pretty, blonde, but she was one of those women who looked other women up and down. I caught her looking at my bag and smirking...I was carrying my tan Roots Editor's bag tonight. (Inexpensive, yet gorgeous...I love it.:love: ) Her "Speedy" had metal feet at the bottom. :lol: Poor thing!

    This made me wonder if her hair color was fake, too.:roflmfao:
  2. Oh no, that's is funny!
  3. ahahhaa thats AWFUL! I never have fun experiences like that while shopping.
  4. Haha, I went to school with a girl like that last year. Everything was fake with her, from her personality to her handbags. Her nails, her tan (like the one pink gets sprayed on in the stupid girls video) and probably her hair color. But I just laugh at it.
  5. hehe- I'd said "look, honey, my bag may not be pricey, but at least I don't embaress myself with a fake." Or, if you you wanted to get a little more Zsa Zsa, you could replace honey with dah-ling.
  6. I'd rather carry a pleather bag from Kmart than a fake bag.

    The funny thing was that I was with my husband and when she was not within earshot, I said, "Unbelievable. Look at that!"

    Him: "What?" He starts looking around.

    Me: "Did you see that"

    Him: "What?!?!?"

    Me: "The fake."

    Him: "Oh.":rolleyes: :lol:
  7. there is a very high class real estate agent that comes into our shop every couple of months to keep up her blonde. she's one of those that looks down on others and dresses to the nines everywhere she goes. the very first time she came in she was carrying a fake mono alma (witht he little feet and everything). i felt kind of bad because my alma was sitting out to the side of my station.:shame:
  8. that is funny! BTW, there are lots of these here!