So frustrating looking through Ebay

  1. Ok, I really wanted to buy my first Gucci off of eBay but having read throughly through every tip and the "authenticate this" thread I must say I am beyond saddened by the number of fakes. I think for every 50 posts on that thread for "does this look authenticate" there is only one that the answer is yes. How sad!! Is there any recommended Gucci sellers out there that anyone can refer someone too i.e. the MyPoupette sellers? This is frustrating. I did not want to go and pay full retail since this will be my first and I may not be as "in love" with it as I am other purse lines. Ugh...
  2. Shopstomuch, eBay sure can feel like a mine-field when it comes to Gucci bags. :sad:

    My tip would be to sort your search from "Price: Highest First".

    This does NOT mean that fake bags will be filtered out, but until you're comfortable with authenticating from pictures alone, you'll find quite a few authentic listings from powersellers with solid feedback. :yes:

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks Lily, it is just really sad to me to see there are that many fakes and some of them I see from the authenticate this thread look to be reputable sellers w/ solid feedback which is so baffling. You will see one and see this person w/ 100's of all positive feedback and then see on the authenticate this thread that the purse is fake. I knew the situation was bad but to be honest there seems to be more fake Gucci's than even LV's now.
  4. *nod nod* I absolutely agree. I'm not much of a Gucci collector (apart from the Blondie line), so trying to determine the authenticity of Gucci bags on eBay really scares me! Apart from the horrible fakes with their horrid tags and fake controllo cards, I can't tell the difference between the high-quality fakes and authentic momogram bags. :crybaby:

    The same goes for Louis Vuitton bags!

    I'm much more confident with verifying Chanel bags (somehow, even AAA grade Chanel fakes still look obviously fake) on eBay. :yes:
  5. I totally agree! I used to be more active with authenticating on that thread and almost everything is fake. I've always said that Gucci is so much harder to authenticate than LV. I usually don't trust anyone selling brand new Gucci for half retail.

    I was just talking to an LV SA about how I like handbags and I buy usually, LV, Gucci and Coach and I take good care of them. When I want a new bag, I'll sell something from my collection.. Well, LV and Coach seem to hold their value pretty well and I can get a good price on Ebay. My Gucci items seem to take a huge loss. It stinks..

    I think Lily has a good tip about sorting it by price. I would also stay away from people who sell a lot of brand new popular gucci for way below retail.. Say like the Chain Horsebit hobo or Pelham bags. Get to know your prices so you can figure out what is too good to be true. Also, check out the Share your Authenticity knowledge thread... There are some pics there that I put to help with authenticity and some other great tips from other posters.

    I would also highly recommend getting a Gucci bag during their sales. There was one in June and there should be another come December. It's usually on seasonal items but there are some fabulous deals to be had.
  6. hang on there and keep looking, you'll never know what you'll find. just remember to always be careful that you get your money's worth!
  7. Yeah well, at this point sorting through them is so difficult I will never even see an authentic one at this point! lmao
  8. Agree that it can be scary, however, look at the seller's reputation-feedback, look at the price (sometimes not always as indicator, but a good start), it it's too good to be true, stay away. As an occasional e-bay seller and sometimes buyer of authentic bags, I have found in most cases using common sense and watching out for the red flags can help narrow down the choices. There are honest sellers and authentic bags, be patient and be careful.
  9. The thing is, go to the 'authenticate this thread and actually look at what is being said are fakes and then look at the sellers feedbacks... I have done it. Most of them have 100% positive feedback so I am really really baffled. I have been researching this for MONTHS to be honest and have continued to really be amazed at how many are being said as fakes. Everytime someone posts one on that thread, I go look at it just to see who's selling and what the feedback is.
  10. Many of the counterfeit sellers have perfect feedback because they always refund. And since the buyer gets her money back and is afraid of retalliated negative feedback, she tends not to leave negative. Then the counterfeit seller can scam more ppl. Some of these sellers are more evil and mixing fakes with real, or have an established ebay store with stellar feedback then gone bad and started selling fakes. :smash:

  11. It is horrible bee and I know you are the one having to look at most of them as I see you telling someone over and over again "looks off" or "fake"... I am just really shocked, dismayed, and kinda ticked at the extreme numbers of fakes I am seeing by people with hundreds of all positive feedback and here they are selling a fake.
  12. yea i NEVER buy gucci or any bag for that matter off ebay after i was sent a fake horsebit last year. i couldn't even return it cus they were no longer registered when i got the bag and tried to contact them. which left me stuck with the bag and out of $$$ so the bad experience has left me anti-ebay for buying bags off ebay and i just go to the outlet instead if i want a bag for cheaper than retail.
  13. I too was burned on a Gucci bag about 5 years ago and I never recouped my losses....however, there are legitimate sellers out there. It takes research and dilligence, but it's possible. You have to really get to know the serial numbers and always get it authenticated off of this forum.

    I'm gun shy because I've heard of people getting a fake bag even though the one they show on Ebay is legit. So many's really a shame.

  14. And ebay has NOT done enough to remove fakes, pisses me off :cursing:
  15. Don't be put off, you will find one you love... Remember, No person in retail is Authorised to verify the authenticity of a particular item... As a Former Gucci Exec, I can tell you verifications can only be done by Gucci Head Office and if you send an item off to the Head office, they have the right to confiscate and destroy the item without compensation as the Rights Owner; if it is a Fake. If you happen to purchase a fake and it looks good... the only one who truely knows is you, I wouldn't recommend buying fakes, but these days, a very good copy can fool a Real expert.

    No one can Authenticate ANY item by photo evidence alone. You need to physically view, touch & feel the item. Anyone one who pretends to be able to.. is just guessing, unless of course it is an obvious fake.

    I know without a doubt there a few women on these boards talk S**T. As they have claimed items were "off" from authorised Gucci distributors, who only use eBay as a Market testing tool. The only fakes in my opinion, apart from the very obvious fake bags shown in some pictures, are these women who claim to know all and enjoy destroying peoples hopes.

    I cannot understand why people from this forum and other forums ask for the advise from uneducated nobodys who have only purchsed a handful of items (if they are lucky)... and are still in Diapers!