So frustrated!

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  1. I really want to have MC bag in my collection and like Marilyn but it's too small for me. I was totally holding my breath for MC Beverly and am so disappointed after seeing it in person. LV just had to stick stupid chains on the handle. Why??? I hate the chains and hate the noise they make. Now I am back to square one. There are a few bags that would look so pretty in MC from the Damier line, but LV doesn't make them. I almost feel like calling up and asking: CAn you make this style in MC for me? LOL. Does anyone know if any cute bags will be coming out in MC? If LV could make ellipse in MC and put a cell phone pocket inside, that would be just ideal.
  2. Sorry I cannot help you cos I think the chain completes the look. I have the MC beverly. Erhh noisy chains...not sure yet. I have not carried it out yet...Still admiring the bag. But, definitely understand how you feel--I always wonder why LV can't make this, can't make that....Anyway, maybe you wait it out for a while, eventually, I am sure they will come out with something you'll like completely. Ellipse in MC will also be a done deal for me...:graucho: why don't you try SO (special order) and let us know!! HEh HEH
  3. Yeah. Inquire if you can special order an Ellipse in MC? It'll never hurt to ask.
  4. I think there are plenty of totally desireable MC bags available. The Speedy, the Priscilla, the Alma...take another look.
  5. ^^ I agree, they come in sooo many different styles!
  6. I agree 100% with you!:tup: Take another look at the older styles, there are some really great ones:drool:
  7. i heard they wont SO MC
  8. I agree...not loving the chains either. I'd like to know if you decide on something else.
  9. How about the Eliza, Petit Noe, Lodge or Boulogne?
  10. I am totally aware there are many. I just don't like a single one of them. I really wish I did. I can't stand speedies in any color. Priscilla and Alma do nothing for me, I don't think I would take them if LV paid me. But I really like MC, I think it's fun and eye-catching. Now, if a bag existed that I like in that pattern, I would be all over it.:girlsigh:
  11. Agree with DesigningStyle, there're many gorgeous MC pieces in other styles ;)

    My fave are Aurelia ( MM & GM ), Ursula & Speedy. Try it.
  12. Sorry, No special order for MC. I think maybe you should give the bags that they have out in MC another try because NEW MC bags are hard to come by.. they normally don't come out with new ones too often. I think the MC line has a plethora of practical bags.. go to the store and try all of them out. I hope you are able to find something that you will fall in love with!!
  13. I don't like all the hardware most of the MC have. I like the Aurelia MM and I also like the Priscilla (I just got the priscilla)

  14. maybe you should try acquiring one of the rare "eye love" bags from 2003? sometimes they pop up on eBay!
  15. It's a good idea, however, I am just not the type to surf ebay, I never buy anything there. I don't like hunting for something, I just want to go to the store and buy it. Plus, I don't like pre-owned bags, it's gross to me.