SO frustrated!!!

  1. So, I have carried LV for years...(25 to be exact) Im 38...anyway, as some of you know I HATE it when the vachetta starts...when the patina starts I sell it. Anyway, I have been carrying different Gucci bags for the last few months and did not have a care in the world. No worries about handles, dirt, etc...SO I buy the Tivoli...which I ADORE!! I have carried it for 4 days...ALL I DO is worry about the damn handles!! I went Xmas shopping yesterday and when I came home I noticed a spot on (one of) the handles!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? It was in the crook of my arm most of the day...ugh...I just hate being so careful with a bag! Anyone else feel this way?
  2. oh no!! have you tried using shining monkey? that really slows down the patina for me
  3. I am just like you when I first get my bags, I check for little spots on the vachetta and I freak when I find them!!! Once I've used it for awhile though, I get used to it, and accept any little spots I see. Now I'm not picky with any of my bags except my Beverly (because there's SO much vachetta on it!!)
  4. Yes, I'm constantly worried about the vachetta on my Trouville. That's the exact reason I bought a Damier keepall instead of the Mono one. I like the light colour of the vachetta as well. I think it's the main reason I haven't actually bought the Tivoli - I'm waiting to see if it comes in in something with less maintenance.
    Have you ever tried the leather protectors? I'm interested b/c I haven't done it but would like to...
  5. yep, I know what you mean! I've been carrying my Tivoli for only 2 days and I'm so paranoid about the stupid handles! I can't wait for the patina though...then I won't have to worry as much!
  6. thats funny I'm like that with my denim speedy and my MC speedy.
    In fact my denim speedy hide in its dust bag and covered with clothes in my closet..

    You're not alone here.
  7. I would go INSANE about the vachetta!
    As much as I love the classic monogram.. the vachetta and patina would just make it more of a chore than having fun with the bag.. :sad:

    Damier all the way!
  8. I am an LV newb, so I have yet to experience my bag I really don't know if I am going to like the patina or not without seeing it first. But yes, I agree with all of you, I do worry about the handles in the rain/snow, I am excited to someday get the Trevi PM and not have to worry about it on a bag.
  9. I used to be the same way, but the look of a nice honey colored patina has really grown on me. The only thing I'm afraid to get is anything in azur because I like how it looks best with very light vachetta. I was seriously considering a damier azur saleya or speedy for spring, but I just don't want to constantly worry about the handles.:shrugs:
  10. Yep - I have finally come to the realization that I cannot buy brand new mono bags, because I will not use them as I am afraid to turn the vachetta...I LOVE the Tivoli and Palermo, but am going to have to wait until a pre-loved one comes up, as I know I just wont use them if I buy them new. Silly I know. This was the reason I bought a damier keepall instead of mono - I would probably obssess over it so much I would tuck it away and never travel with it.
  11. I used to worry about the vachetta but now I don't. No matter what, it's going to patina so I just deal with it. It doesn't really bother me anymore.
  12. Nah, I know they're going to do that eventually anyway so it doesn't bother me.
  13. Yes i know exactly what you mean. i don't mind patina really but i have the in beween process before it evens out.

    Its annoying. Its one of the main reasons I don't carry my LV's like i used to. I don't have time to baby a bag. I think for newLV purchases I will stick to limited edition items with no vachetta at all. LOL. Like my vienna mizi.
  14. I know its going to happen...and that is when I sell the bag...I just dont want it to happen so fast! Im loving this bag!
  15. I love the patina~it's one of the attractions of LV to me. When I have carried a bag to a honey color, I know I will feel so special! :smile: