So frustrated with this whole ADHD Diagnosis thing!

  1. OK, last May I made an appt, waited two weeks, met with the doctor for 10 minutes and he gave me a prescription, and next day my son was on meds. and it made a HUGE difference. HOWEVER, this doctor said that behavioral help didn't help and only drugs helped and only wanted to see my son one a month for 10 minutes to see if it was working. After oen other appt. we realized this just didn't feel right and besides that, my son's appetite was GONE and he was dropping weight - like 5 lbs in a month and for a skinny kid, this was too much.

    So, in AUGUST I made an appt. with the leading clinic for ADHD diagnosis. It's a whole 4 appt thing with all sorts of tests etc. The EARLIEST they could see us was November 19th (or around then). We got the report and recommendation mid december. Next step was to talk with the peds to get on drug therapy.

    OK, we decided to waint until after the holidays since we were traveling around. So, like Jan. 7th, I take the report in and they said the doctor would call for an appt. once he read it and could give recs. I wait two weeks. I call and they can't find the report! ACK!!! So I take another copy in last Thursday... nothing... today I call (it's 6 days later) and the lady at the front desk says, "It's on the doctor's desk, he'll call once he's read it".... makes me wonder if she didn't just put it on his desk just now!!!

    I started this in AUGUST!!! It's almost February!!! In the meantime my son's grades STINK because he forgets to turn things in and doesn't pay attention in school (on tests he gets As). Feb. 6th they are taking the adv. math placement test for 7th grade Algebra and he SHOULD be able to do well on this and get in since he's a math whizz, but I worry about his concentration and ability to sit for a test. i'm just hoping it's not timed because that will kill him! yesterday, I truly was ready to strangle the child (figuratively speaking) as it took him ALLLLL evening what should have taken 30 minutes. He just wears me out!

    not seeking advice really, just needing to let it out, I guess!
  2. How frustrating!!! I would be pissed too. Talk about dragging something out. Just keep bugging the crap outta them, it might help get things done faster! Like say...reading the report!
  3. Look into natural foods diet for your son. Many preservatives and dyes (like red dye #40) cause adverse reactions in people with adhd. At the very least, it's a healthier way of living, but I've read up on this and research shows that it works. I'm not a big fan of adhd meds, especially for kids (you mentioned that after a 10 min. appt. your child was on meds., IMO the dr. wasn't very thorough). Many of these meds. are amphetamines - speed - and can have long lasting effects on children.
  4. We already do that - all scratch, no dyes and we are pretty "granola". So, sorry, it might work for some kids and I believe that, but it's not a cure all. But he can't go through life like he is now either. He's completely incapacitated by it. Sometimes drugs are warranted (and a pretty no drugs person).
  5. Some kids do need meds, maybe yours does, but with the way doctors hand this stuff out, it's always best to research. Good for you on the natural foods, it's better all around, and I hope you find the best possible treatment for your situation.
  6. Are they SURE it's ADHD?

    For the longest time they thought I had ADD. (When I thought I had it, I never said ADHD because I was never hyper).

    A couple years ago, they did another test on me and found out it was a Nonverbal Learning Disorder. (They're hard to diagnose because the signs are so similar to ADD.)

    They caught it when I was 26. The woman testing me wasn't the most pleasant woman in the world. Her natural speaking voice just sounded condescending and I really just wanted to tell her to eff off and storm out of there. She suggested another kind of medication or counselling but I said, "No counselling, no medication! I just want to be left alone!"

    (I was diagnosed with ADD when I was five, I was taking Ritilin up until I was about 23 and then switched to . . . something else. For the life of me I can't remember the name. It wasn't as controlled a substance, though. That did nothing so I decided to stop taking it.)

    I wish they had caught this earlier.
  7. Thanks for your concern, but we went through EXTENSIVE testing... interviews, teacher evaluations, parent evaluations (several forms/rating scales) and then my son went through 4 hours of testing to rule out everything else.... and, it's ADHD - combined.

    NOW we feel comfortable with that, with a 10 minute interview? We didn't feel that was a way to diagnose a cold let alone ADHD!!!
  8. I understand your concern, but they really just want to know how he's reacting to the dosage of Ritilin. (I'm assuming he's taking Ritilin?) If he's not for any reason, they can tweak it so it's something he's more comfortable with.

    If you have any questions, free to PM me at any time. Or you can ask me here. I really don't mind.
  9. Hey guys - I feel your pain. I have four kids - one is high-functioning autistic (or basically PDDNOS) and is so fine, you wouldn't even know and then my 9 year old girl has trouble sitting still and concentrating. They've suggested I get her diagnosed with ADD, but I know that she doesn't have it. She is very picky in what she wants to learn, but I've been around kids long enough to know when it's NOT interferring with her ability to learn.

    Anyway, I was at a school function the other day and Mom whose son is prone to major outbursts in class and has an aid, etc.. came up to me and was soo happy. She said "I've joined the Medicine Club!" and I'm like "huh?" "Oh it's fabulous - he's totally medicated now and it's soo much better! I was so worried at first because have you ever seen those kids walking around school with their tongues like this? (shows me her tongue kid of hanging out a bit)" and I say "uh no" - "oh those are the kids on meds!" I'm like "WTF????" Apparently my daughter said he's a little bit better in class, not much to speak of.....but my point is - talk to your school, see what they can do for him OTHER than meds. OR you just see what you can do about moving to another program for him. Seriously. If you don't get any answers in one place, then you move on until you do.