So frustrated with Outlet!!

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  1. I went to my outlet on Sunday to return a Acid Green Minetta (with receipt in hand) that I had purchased at FP 2 weeks prior. FP only had the floor model but I really wanted it so I bought their floor model. It had a spot on the back that the SA said would come out with leather cleaner so I thought, "oh what the heck.. I like it. I'm getting it!" Anyhow I get it home and decide Minetta is way too small for me. Only out my stuff in and looked in the mirror. Put it back in the dust bag and left it in my closet to be returned. The tags are attached. I have the receipt. I take it to the outlet and the lady tells me that she "can't accept a bag in used condition and that they won't take it back." She said there were spots on it and it was used. I asked if she could call the FP store that sold it to me as a floor model and she refused. I'm so frustrated bc my outlet is usually so friendly and good about returns. And it made me mad that she accused me of using it when that is how it was purchased. So now I have to drive 2 hours to the FP store to hopefully get it returned. If they don't let me... I'm going to throw a fit! :smile: ok rant over. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?!
  2. Wow, that's a bummer, I'd be upset too!
    Maybe you can call your fp that you purchased it from and see if it can be shipped back to them for the return instead of having to drive 2 hours? It may cost you shipping costs but that's probably cheaper than gas and hours of your time.
    Good luck!
  3. That would upset me some too. I would call the store you bought it from and talk to the SA or manager to make sure they remember the transaction. Check the receipt the SA name should be at the top. When you get there they will be expecting you and be more cooperative.

    I have read that they are checking bags more carefully at the FP stores, so maybe the outlets are also. I know the manager at my outlet has to sign for each return.
  4. Did you ask to speak with a manager at the outlet? I'm surprised they refused to call the fp store... I know others have said SAs tried to not allow the return bc a bag looked used even though it arrived that way from fos, but I'm pretty sure they ended up accepting it when the person showed the receipt that it had not been that long since it was purchased. The last return I did they tried to get me to take a pa rather than return even though it was past the 14 days, so I guess they just really didn't want the return even though with a pa or someone else buying the cost would have been the same to them.
  5. That really sucks and they were totally wrong. I also wonder if you spoke with the store manager.

    I've received used bags from FOS at least 3 times. Each time I called them immediately after inspecting the bag to say they had sent me a used item. Twice they sent pre-paid shipping labels for me to send back. Another time, I returned to the outlet within a day or so....but the SA's at my outlet see me there all the time so they know I buy a lot from them and FOS. I think that's part of the reason why they didn't question the used item.
  6. Wow, that's crazy I just returned a fp bag to the outlet yesterday, and they didn't even look at it. I had just bought it last Friday and it had the tags, but still they hardly paid any attention to it at all. Sorry that happened to you.
  7. I just returned a bag I've had since last Summer and I had no problem returning it on Sunday. It obviously hadn't been used but they still checked it thoroughly, all of the pockets, making sure the long strap was there, turned it and looked at the bottom. Before, they don't even take it out of the plastic.
  8. Thanks for all the replies!! I thought this was very out of the ordinary! I was speaking to the manager and she is the one who refused. My outlet is 40 minutes away so I drove all that way for nothing. I'm just super frustrated with the whole situation at this point!! :sad:
  9. You bought a floor model knowingly. It's obviously going to show signs of wear. Call the FP store, make arrangements to return it at a convenient time for you.

  10. Yes! And I had no issues with the floor model or I wouldn't have bought it. It's just too small of a bag and I never dreamed it'd be that hard to return. I'll call FP!
  11. I have bought floor models and have never known them to be "final sale". OP said she didn't like the size of the bag and that's why shes returning, but regardless even if she decided the spot bothered her an didn't come off like the SA said it would, she can still return the bag, the outlet should have taken it or at least been willing to call the fp store.

    OP, yes call your store and see if they will send/email a return label after you explain what happened at the outlet (that manager was unwilling to talk to the fp store) so that you don't have to drive to either one. The only thing I would make sure would be to put the name of the manager you are returning to either on the label or inside so that it doesn't go to another SA/manager who decides they don't want to return it either.
  12. But often times that is the only model available and they see it as an equal to those in the back. Any time I have shopped in a FP store, they are often out of the ones in the back and want to sell you the floor model. This is why I shop online though, as I got tired of only being offered the floor model, and I don't want to pay high $$ for one that has been touched by everyone.

    I can't blame the OP for buying the floor model since that is typically what I have been offered when going to the FP store.
  13. I always refuse the floor model and make them order a new one from Jax. It's your money and you should get what you want. And even when ordering a brand new item I've been sent things with scratches and missing leather. Instead of giving us the third degree, Coach needs to work on their quality control.
  14. Going forward, you can always ask the FP store to mark the receipt when you purchase a floor model to write down any marks, etc - that way there's a record starting at the moment you own the bag, just in case you need to return it?
  15. Wow, Coach is sure doing a good job of driving business away.