So frustrated with feedback system!

  1. I recently received an offer for an item I was selling - about a day after it was received (since sellers have 2 days to decline/accept offers), I accepted. However, the buyer told me that they had already bought something else and so was not going to purchase my item. Why didn't they just tell me that or even retract their offer??? Now I'm stuck paying double listing fees, but if I leave them negative feedback, they'll leave it for me, too! Is there anything else I can do??? I fully intend to file a nonpaying bidder report, but other than that, am I stuck on the whole feedback thing?
  2. Is there no way to get a free relist?
  3. THis is so unfair. I would send a message to eBay and explain what happened.
  4. ^I know! And it happens so often...many times I've refrained from leaving both sellers and buyers negative feedback in fear that they would do the same to me just for revenge!
  5. You can file a non paying bidder and if he doesn't respond and pay eBay will remove the feedback they left for you. Also you also have the option of a mutual agrrement of cancellation.